I know these are aliens to most of us, but I have downloaded one, to help S communicate. Well, I actually downloaded two, but one Touch voice Gold is useless, am now fighting to get my money back.

The one we have got, is very basis, but S can use it. You either press words, or type in your own sentence and press speak, hey presto, the iPad speaks!!!

S can use it, even though, he is NOT a typist, rarely used a computer, OK if he doesn't type the word correctly, the iPad just spells out what he has typed, but if I look at what he trying to converse, I can guess what he is saying!

The Speech Therapist is looking for a better programme for us, there are a lot of draw backs on the one we have, but she said there are loads out there! (Why nobody as told us, I don't know!!!)

But already, I feel as if we have got our monies worth. He won't use it a lot, but when he has, it's incredible. He has asked questions, that normally, he would have just ignored. Reminded me to turn off a heater, before going to bed, just asked his Personal Trainer, to take him for a walk! Suddenly, he is getting what he wants. He will insist on typing out a phase EXACTLY, how he would have spoken it! Which in one way, is very frustrating, because it takes so long, but another, it's having S back in the room with me! When he reminded me about the heater, I was NOT alone!!!

It was great in the pub after the match on Saturday, we were all using it, as nobody could hear themselves think in there!!! Again S felt part of the world, we were all doing exactly the same!

I know lots will be saying it's not for my loved one, but if S can use it, then there loads out there that can as well. Jill, Peter, Shasha, any one of you who is on this site with PSP, it will be very easy! My speech Therapist said some versions come with a free session, so you can try it out before buying. The one we have is called Touch Voice at £14.99, personally, if some thing worked well, I would move the decimal points several places to the right!!!!!! It does give S a buzz, when he types something out and presses speak! He has a voice again! Although I am fighting this rotten apathy, which is a shame.

I wouldn't necessarily recommend the App, we have at the moment, but when we find one that is better, I will let you know. But in the mean time, ask your Speech Therapist about which one would suit your loved one. There are things out there, that will help with this evil lack of communication, with technology as it is at the moment, new ones are being created as we speak!

Lots of love


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  • Love it! So glad to hear it helps. We are having a hard time using the devices we have. He just can't seem to take in and process new information very well, or sustain interest long enough to learn how to use anything. It's very alienating and frustrating. .

  • S is just the same, can't email anymore. TV remote, very hit and miss. Anything new, forget it. But he has grasped this! Because it is so simple and the reward is great. He is very apathetic, so I am struggling to make him use it, but when he does, he loves it. You can see it in his eyes, you know those things that are normally just staring in to space!

    Lots of love


  • Remember we are Queens of Ritiration! We have to constantly tell them to do it!!!! and they are happy when they do (I have to tell b to pick up his feet when walking or "Heal to toe" and you have to tell him to use the board but when he does he is happy! Good for you guys!


  • Hello, I just read this and was talking with hubbies podiatrist the other day about these apps so I had a look and found the free one...just talk, quite basic but such a great help, the grandchildren love it,met hey can talk to granddad.....his eyes are really bad but with time, he gets the words in, and yes,Heady, it is great not to be eases the frustration so much and although not always accurate, it gives a clue to the subject they want to talk about. I can even hear the old dry humour and it makes us smile xx

  • Yes, even the humour is still there. S asked a question about some work I want doing, regarding getting wheelchair access to the house, it was EXACTLY how he use to talk! So he still in there. Actually I was quite shocked, I didnt think he was. Certainly, picked me up!!!

    Lots of love


  • Heady, that's great news, so happy for you. Nanny xx

  • We used Proloquo2go not cheap but my hubby found it easy to use, it uses pictures for a lot of things so they don't even gave to type in the words. He been used it to make his speech at our daughters wedding as he couldn't we just connected the iPad up to the PA system, and you can even choose a voice to suit you. Hope thus helps, good luck, xx

  • Thank you Cazmat, I'll look for that one , pictures would be even better X

  • We have an App on my I Pad called Picture Board......there are large square pictures of things that they may need ie: tissues,glasses,drink,turn. They can be pressed and then the word is sounded.There is one that is a keyboard that can be typed on.

    Haven't used it yet.R, wouldn't be able to type but might be able to point to the squares.

    D X

  • Forgot to say that it was free!


  • Hooray for Heady and S! I am crying with joy for you guys right now! I can just imagine S being thrilled that he can talk! Even if it's jsut every once in awhile! YAY!!!!

    Hey maybe he can talk at the party...or whenever! Maybe the PSPr's could have their own conversation!!! I mean we caregivers do the best we can, but like you said it was S who asked to go out for a wasn't imposed on him nor was his desire 'unheard' Maybe our boys (and girls) might have a few comments of their own!!! I digress

    Heady and S I am so excited you found this new program!!! Keep up the good speak!


  • I was at Walmart where they have an electronics section. I asked about this app....and the little kids working there knew as much about those apps as they do PsP! hahaha

    But the little kid (He was in his 20s) did discover that he could get a free text-to-voice translator from Google that also would translate text-to text; just take a picture of the text and it would translate into whatever language you wanted....I don't know about Swahilee but probably......Not at all what I was looking for but it was a fun 45 minutes....And that boy wasn't even a walmart employee. He was sales rep for Cox Cable! So I got to learn...well... experience Spanish syntax and he got to learn new stuff on his phone ...hahaha


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