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Hi Everyone.....hope today is a good day for you.....

I just wanted to ask some advice regarding communication apps. My dad's speech for the past year has been really bad, however for the past month or so it came back to near perfect.....very strange! Its been great and although we would love to know the rhyme or reason for this so we can keep it this way, we are realistic in the fact that its probably just the disease:( In the past couple of days it seems to be slipping back and following my last post on this issue I remembered a lot of you advised getting one of these communication apps sooner rather than later (I guess having such a good run of speech lately made it seem less of a priority). There seems a lot to choose from and I don't know where to start really....any recommendations? I'll also check in with the speech therapist again to ask her advice.

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  • I don't knwo but we have been scheduled for Speech Therapy (B's jaw is becoming "locked" if you will) and that is a question I am going to ask....right now we use one that I made...containing the alphabet and common words that B can point to....It does not have much value as he must hold it in the air to find the letters....which may be too close together for him to delineate one from another but we are trying ....Maybe in a couple weeks , we will both have some ideas to share, eh?


  • Yes, for sure. I will keep you posted on how I get on and well done on your creativity in making your own:)

  • See my reply regarding the Gotalk. Charles can't talk either. Gotalk is lightweight and once they know it there is no problem with finding the buttons.

    Funny you should mention the jaw thing. Charles keeps telling me it hurts.

    Thanks abirke.


  • Is he having difficulty brushing his teeth? B is . He used to have an electric brush...rather clunky but did the job. Now I have him down to a childs size and even that is difficult to manipulate....

    Goodluck to all of us

  • Yes, I've been getting smaller toothbrushes as well. I was just in the grocery store looking at slimmer ones.

    So so sad, always.


  • I fear B has a UTI. the stranger way of talking than usual; and then he just arching his neck way back, as to look up; and legs were shaking when he try to ride bike at gym....No fever not great output of urine but its there nurse gave him new cath so I'm glad for that!

    Sorry not much on subject of toothbrushes or gotalk

    However on that note I checked gotalk out.....still in the looking phase....I'd like to take one out for a how it works...


  • This morning he was trying to talk...which is usually just a slurr but today it was a slurr with no mobility....he says doesn't hurt so praise God for that...I will google Gotalk...

  • Ask your speech therapist, they will know the best and most uptodate and free.

    Lots of love


  • Hello!

    Try SpeakIt - although it's £1.49 to download, or Text to Speech which is free. We were recommended an app by a friend with PSP whose voice comes and goes as you've described. My friend Darren wasn't able to use them in the end as his hands didn't work by the time his voice didn't, and his wife had taken his tablet off him before that anyway, so he hadn't been able to set it up before he needed it. All he had was "beer please"!.

    I think they are definitely worth doing as if you can keep communicating more easily it lets you save your energy for the other battles.

    Good luck with it and let us know how you get on, please.

    Ali B

  • The ONLY thing that works is a Go Talk. It has been a lifesaver. Just record a saying you choose, they press the button and it talks. Wonderful and he uses it all the time.

    We tried all the others but with fiddling around with i pads and typing and poor sight they didn't work.

    Let me know.


  • Does it use voice recognition so that the sounds he made in the Gotalk help him clarify the words hes's trying to make now?

  • i agree



    i have a quid pro quo om the lapytotp which i have mot really used yet nut i need to_

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