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Made it!!

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Can hardly believe it but I actually have 2 nights away!!!

You may recall I planned a 2 night respite break starting today but care agency on Friday announced I needed a doctors letter to crush his morning medication.

On Monday GP responded to my letter, email and telephone message with a reassuring email that there was no need for him to write a letter authorising the crushing of my husband’s tablets as I was not concealing medication and my husband consented! Which bit of my correspondence did he not get I wondered!!

So yesterday I popped in and out of the surgery 3 times until I actually caught him, by then the tears of utter exhaustion and frustration where real no acting required - quite surprised myself and clearly him too!! This morning he sent an Email authorising the crushing of tablets whilst I am away for 2 nights!! Aarrrggghhh. Why could he have not just left the time span open ???

Sometimes everything feels like a battle. On Friday the chairlift footplate broke and on Sunday the hosp bed stopped working so in between battling with the GP have also managed to get repairs done

Calm again now ( well working on it) and on my way- phew feel like I have really worked for this break!!

Love Tippy

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Take Three Deep Breaths ... (it is not easy to settle into a relaxed state of mind after dealing with chaos).

Do your best & spoil yourself now... that's not a request it is an Order by Granni B (LOVE & HUGS)

Agree with Granni B, it's an order, relax and enjoy yourself. Please forget about PSP for a few hours. Glad the tears worked, it's amazing at the reaction, isn't it! Sucks big style.

Anyway I hope you don't read this until you are back, if you are, get off NOW!!!!!!!!!

Lots of love


Bless you Tippy!! I have no idea why every dam thing has to be such a battle?! I do hope you manage a well earned rest! You soooo deserve it darling x

Enjoy it. It will go fast.

Everything is exhausting for a carer !!!

Hope you really relax, dear Tippy. You soooo deserve it !

love, Jean xxx

Tippy you deserve it 😆😆😎

Tippy glad you got it, and yes why didn’t he just say for them to be crushed for as long as need be? Anyway have a wonderful break you so deserve it, and relax don’t worry about anything, I now it is hard, but you so need to have a rest. Big hugs. Yvonne xxxxx

A big hug Tippy!

Make it the first in a series of "mini-vacations".


Seems there's always payback as life of a carer, nothing is ever easy is it Tippy! Anyway I'm do pleased you are managing to get away for two days to recharge and away from your carers role, I hope you manage to switch off and have a good catch up with your family.

Much love

Kate xxx

So glad you have been able to get way you so deserve a break. Enjoy.

I agree with Luis. Try to have a break from time to time.



Oh Tippy

Well done you.

Sit back and chill for a couple of days, you deserve it. Have a lovely time, keep on keepin on



So glad you are getting your well earned and deserved break. Your hubby is being looked after, so now it's time for you to switch off and go and Enjoy the time with your dad. Savour every minute as it will fly by. Lots of love, Nanny857xx

Hope you have a fab time and manage to switch off. Pauline xx

So glad you made it Tippy - So essential to get that little break for your sanity - and better for your hubby when YOU are better!!

It is a hassle, but worth every aggravation...

Merry Christmas ⭐ 😄🎄

Anne G.

Oh Tippy, touché!

Glad to hear you got it all sorted out ...

Enjoy your break! 😘

This sounds like a breath of fresh air. Hope to hear about your reprieve. I wonder if I could let my thoughts go and relax with such a break. I sure need one. Merry Christmas and best wishes. Nancy

Hope you have a lovely break. Big hug. Jayne xx

So thrilled that you got away. Well done and for getting the other things sorted. I hope that you really enjoyed your time away and recharged a bit. Big hugs AliBee

PS. Try and get SALT to send you a report saying they advise crushing tablets. I take a copy of Nigel's report in with me whenever he goes into hospital and if he goes for a day respite and check if the care company will accept that as you may be away again xx

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Tippyleaf in reply to AliBee1

An excellent idea - still awaiting a SALT referral now discharged from the Hospice we can no longer access their services so we await a community SALT assessment. I will make a point of asking them to include pill crushing in their report.

Many thanks for suggesting

Love Tippy

Hope you are having a lovely break Tippy.💕

Love Lynda xx

Dear All

I am a new woman!!! 2 nights sleep and chance to spend time with my elderly father was really special.

Wishing you all a peaceful and calm Christmas and thank you so much for your fabulous support

Love Tippy

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