Tumeric tablets help my father with psp

My father is 67 years old and was diagnosed with PSP 2 1/2 years ago but has had the illness for sometime prior to this but it took them a while to diagnose. He is not on any medication for the illness as we tried a few and they did not seems to be of any help at all and the side effects are pretty awful on most so you begin to wonder really weather they are actually doing more harm than good. I myself am into more natural ways of medication with any illness. I have looked in to this for PSP and other than a high dose of q10 tablets there is not much else recommended. Recently I have started to give my father Turmeric tablets, you can buy the powder and just have that but the tablets are an easier way to take. He has been taking them for just over 2 months and I can not believe the improvement. He is still falling over as it seems there is very little that can be done to help with this but his speech and overall way of thinking and interacting has been so much better since taking turmeric. I have conversations with him like i used to he seems to be more on the ball and remember things better, he still has off days with his speech and slurring but has genreally been much better. I would definately say to anyone with psp that it is worth trying as it can not do any harm. I was also wondering if anyone else had tried and had any positive effects?

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  • hi strelley what do you think of tumeric tablets any good or worth a try or just forget it

    i value your opinion hows the mrs doing ok i hope and yourself of course peter jones qld australia still breathing and still looking from the top down thanks mate psp sufferer

  • Hi turmeric is also good4 inflammation of arthritis

  • Hello Peter

    I have no problem with trying such things like tumeric (curcumin) since it is known to have neuroprotective properties. In fact, it's been investigated in the last few years for helping with Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, MS, and Huntingdon's disease. It's known to have antioxidant, anti-inflamatory and even anti-cancer properties.

    Without explaining too much about it's possible usefulness in such diseases like PSP, it has been claimed to affect those little power house structures in the nerve cells (called mitochondria that can have problems in neurological diseases). It is also been shown to stop certain proteins from "going bad" (toxic tau) and helping bad ones from forming, or making sure they are removed from the neurons.

    However, most of this work has been under controlled conditions, and usually in lab or animal models.

    Tumeric looks promising from the above description, but, as far as I know, there's not enough clinical data in humans to verify it's usefulness in the areas described. There's a lot more work to be done on it's absorption and availability in the body.

    I would think that there might be some limited and short time benefits (like CoQ10) but I would be pleasantly surprised if the benefits were significant over the whole course of such neurological diseases like PSP. As noted by dnl46, such compounds (again like CoQ10) tend to have mild effects on the frontal lobe problems and hence improve memory and cognitive functions.

    Don't know if this helps or just muddies the water!


  • hi strelley i thoiught i would get in quicki you seem to be in demand lately and why not with the knowledge that you have'' your bloods worth bottling'' as they say mate i thank you for your views on tumeric tablets i must say i liked the first part of your em better

    than the second part probably because it was not what i wanted to hear ah well we cant have everything can we \\ but it does sound very promising once we get the mudied waters out of the way we might start to get somewhere\\\ thanks for prompt reply mate

    regards to your wife she is in very safe hands see yer peter jones Q.L.D. Australia psp sufferer

  • How much turmeric do you give him, and when and how often?

  • Same question. What dose rate, how frequently per day?

  • Where do you get them from?

  • is tuneric a prescription drug if it is I will ask my doctor to write a prescription either way I will try it

    I was diagnosed with psp 3 years ago

    Barbara daughtry


  • Hi Barbara,

    Tumeric is not a drug, it is a herb/spice(?) that is known to have some medicinal qualities in much the same way as garlic does. As Jill said it is good for inflammation in arthritis and I have heard of it being used to good effect by someone with hyper-mobile joints. This is the first time I have heard of it being good for neuro-protection so I am grateful to Sterelly for that piece of information. I believe it is best to get the purest form possible and that you can get it from health food shops. It might be worth googling it to find out where you could get it from if you want to give it a try.

    All the best


  • I cannot thank you enough for giving me help and hope that is all I have now I used to sing I used to have a really nice handwriting and I used to draw mow I cant do any of those things

    Barbara daughtry


  • hi, barbara daughtry hows it going ok i hope when i read you used to sing i was intrigued i used to sing and do comedy magic on stage and my handwritiing is gone to but dont let it worry you just say like i do BEEN THERE DONE THAT i miss it very much of course but thats t yesterdays news mate just dont let it get you down stay positive as you can and you will be ok believe me good luck mate peter jones queemsland australia psp sufferer

  • Hi all

    Please read up before taking it (Turmeric).It may interfere with other medicine.


    Here is another site to check out as well.


  • Hi deew - please see my quick reply to Jay60.

  • I've been reading about the different types of supplements and vitamins people are trying for PSP, some say they have had good results. Mum had appointment with the neurologist yesterday and we took along a list of things we were thinking of trying. We thought what's the harm in trying them even if it just gives mum a bit of hope for a while, she's been so fed up lately. He said Co Enz Q10 has been found useful in patients with early Parkinson's but he didn't think it would prove useful for mum at the stage she is at with PSP/CBD. He didn't read my list, tumeric was on there, he just said he wouldn't recommend buying and using these type of things bought from sites like amazon as they can prove dangerous and he certainly wouldn't give them to his mother. He said to get information from the PSP site as things there have been checked and can be trusted and don't use anything before speaking to a neurologist. Just a word of warning. I can understand you trying it though we are all so desperate for any kind of treatment. Hope thing keep going well and the tumeric continues to work for your Dad.

  • Hi Jay60

    I have mentioned many times on this forum that anyone with PSP and other neurological diseases should check with their neurologist about any medication or supplements being taken ( or thinking of taking).

    "deew" has given a couple of good references to side effects of turmeric (active ingredient is curcumin). Well worth reading.

    I have a list of over 120 medications from "Parkinson's Australia" that should be used with caution in Parkinson's (and the same applies for PSP etc).


  • Interesting coincidence. Earlier today I read a passage in a book entitled Behind the Beautiful Forevers about life in a Mumbai slum. It is recounted there that when a child living in an incredibly poor shack is injured, the remedy for stopping the bleeding is a paste made of turmeric powder and blood from the wound. It is stated that turmeric is "good for wounds and brides before the wedding." After reading this, I googled this spice and found that the turmeric root is commonly used in the production of medicines.

  • On tumeric. I've got a packet of sticking plasters in my medicine drawer that are filled with tumeric...that I bought in India. They work wonders to stop bleeding. But as far as helping someone with PSP I'm amazed.

    And may I add carry on the treatment.

    I'm sorry to disagree with any neurologist who says don't try it....it MIGHT be dangerous. This coming from learned medical professionals who take YEARS to diagnose someone with PSP. (dnl_46 writes).

    What can they prescribe? NOTHING sweet Nothing. Because there just isn't anything, dangerous or not,

    available as yet.

    And since when has PSP been taken off the list of life threatening diseases?

    If your loved one is going downhill daily with an average, life expectancy after diagnosis, of a couple of years what difference does it make to try to treat that person with tumeric. Or anythig else that looks like it's helping.

    I'll even add ,"what quality of life "is the patient in for during those last couple of years?

    To say it bluntly no-one has yet walked away from PSP/CBD ,it does'nt go away, it's terminal .Sadly.

    We all need to hope.

    Just carry on with the tumeric and keep us all informed. You may have found the holy grail.


  • Interesting topic ! My father was diagnosed with PSP 4 years ago and the first 2 years he took a high dosis (2 gr./day) of Q10 caps. This did not help to stop the progress of the disease. However since september last year he takes the liquid form of Q10 and that helps a lot ! However the neurologist did not believe in liquid Q10, he could only confirm during our last visit that the 'progression of PSP was slowing down and normally progresses much faster'. If someone is interested, I can inform you the website where I buy the product from.

  • Please share the website and dose/day?


  • I am very interested in knowing how much turmeric and how much liquid Q10 you give your relatives! I have bought both of them for my Stefan, but I dont know how much to give, in order to get a result! Please answer!

  • Hello dnl 46!

    thanks for your information! it such a great thing that people are sharing their experiences here :-)

    My dad suffers from PSP as long as yours and he is 62 years old. Both of them are tooooo young to be that sick:-(

    We have tried CoQ10 in liquid , which was very expensive..... He was using it for around 6 months and i have to say it did not get worse. We haven't seen much of improvement but at least he was stable, which is good in this horrible disease. Can you please tell me what kind of/which turmeric tablets/powder exactly have you been using and how?

    Have you spoken to your doctor about it?

    Many thanks for sharing it.

    All the best



  • hello how much does your dad take each day in mlgs

  • That's fantastic we are going to give them a go, thanks for letting us know x



  • I am considering giving my wife Turmeric tablets.

    Is there a dose you could suggest.?


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