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Crushing tablets - guidance please


Dear All

I have booked 2 nights of respite for next week- I am really tired - usually up 8-10 times per night - hubby has not slept for more than 90 mins on a good night since September and like many of us I am sleep depleted. So have been looking forward to a little break visiting my Dad.

BUT the care agency have just told me they cannot crush tablets without a doctors letter. My husband’s swallowing first thing in the morning is awful and it was taking 45 mins of coughing and choking to get the tabs down. So in March i consulted SALT and Pharmacist asking best approach and which tablets are safe to do so the ones that cannot be crushed are given later in the day. There are not liquid substitutes for most of the tablets. No GP appt for Mon and Tue so my break looks under threat!

My understanding was that if a person knows and agrees to having crushed tablets and it is safe to crush them

it is acceptable to do so. I am not concealing any medication and my hubby a retired doctor is aware of every med he takes.

Any suggestions???

Love Tippy

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Bless you Tippy, I know exactly how knackered you must be!!

Ask the district nurses if they can come in and administer, just an idea.....

Take the break you clearly sooooo need it x

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Thanks Amanda but he is not under the District Nurses have met two and was unimpressed with both!! But I am going to try my acting skills with the GP if I can just get in to see him!!

Hope you are OK realise this is a tough time for you so many thanks for your support when you have your own challenges

Love and hugs Tippy

Tippy exactly the same thing happened to us, just before I was going away, just go over to the doctors on Monday explain about the tablets have a cry and you will get it, they hate it when you cry, or get the district nurse to go into the doctors, felt so bad we had been crushing the tablets for the last 18 months, so could not understand what the problem was, the hospital knew and the doctors knew so sorry to hear this brings back so many memories xxxxx

The frustration!!!!!!!!

Hi my partner takes Madophar and he is given ones that are soluble in water but I ask the carers just to mix it in with his breakfast or yoghurt x

Dear tippy leaf

All I can say is that the sinemet I take is crushed in my mouth as I consume the tablets

Hi Tippy I had this recently with Mum, when the doctor changed one of her meds to a capsule, for the sole purpose of it being broken open and the contents mixed with some rice pudding, it even said it on label the pharmacist put on the box but the care agency still wanted further assurance, guess they need to cover themselves. If you can't talk to a GP is there a prescription clerk at your practice that can talk to the care agency? Our agency were actually proactive and spoke to the pharmacist who told them Mum's swallowing difficulties were on her notes and that meds needed to be modified and they were all right after that, so perhaps you could try that approach as well?

Really hope you get this sorted, you deserve a break so much.

I agree with Yvonne. Put your Meryl Streep shoes on, go to the surgery and beg! Once those tears start flowing, you will be amazed at the action. It worth it, just for that experience!!!

Whatever happens, DO NOT LOSE YOUR BREAK! It's better that your husband goes without his meds or has them later in the day, when he can swallow. He needs you wide awake and at the top of your game, far more than he needs medication!

Sending big hug and much love

Lots of love


in reply to Heady

Thank you for your support and encouragement. My first reaction was to cancel the trip but as you point out I do need this break.

Hope all is well with you

Love Tippy xxxx

in reply to Tippyleaf

We want hear that you get your much needed rest!!!

Lots of love


I agree with Yvonne and Anne. You can do it, Tippy !!!!

Enjoy the break. Its essential !!!

lots of love, Jean xxx

I ignore the applicable legislation in your country in this regard. I understand the reasons for doing so and I understand that the potential caregivers want to define their responsibility.

Do YOU have an emergency doctor who could extend the authorization?

And now let me deal with Tippy:

*Releasing the PSP caregiver and allowing him/her to have a life outside the home as well as to avoid strong or continuous physical and psychological efforts is fundamental. The main caregiver of a PSP patient is progressively taking on additional tasks.

Rest and sleep well is essential. Combat stress, too.

From my experience and also from my group of caregivers, it is essential to find efficient help that allows areas of freedom and leisure as well as vacation periods for the caregivers, far away from the PSP problems. At least ten days of holiday each six months are advisable.

After 6.5 years as a primary caregiver I can say: ESSENTIAL.

I repeat: ESSENTIAL.

Finally, reproducing the phrase of Anne Heady: "Never forget to get plenty of rest, ask for help and most of all, ditch the guilt!"

I hope and I wish these notes are useful.

A big hug Tippy.


Thank you Luis

Really appreciate your support and encouragement

Hope all is well with you

Love Tippy

Hi Tippy, I do feel for you and the lack of sleep, Ben was pretty good at night so I never had that constant getting up night after night and I was still knackered. I presume that when the doctor's receptionists bring you or your hubby up on their system that you are flagged as priority, they always managed to fit me in on the day if need be. Can you request a call from your doctor for a telephone appointment, I did this on numerous occasions and either way got things sorted with meds. You need your break away from he rigorous duties that you undertake otherwise you will crack up and not be able to care for him. Fingers and everything crossed that it all gets sorted and you manage that much deserved break.

Big hugs

Kate xxx

Oh Tippy, you put me to shame. I complain about having to get up 4 or 5 times a night with W but you are up twice as many. I really, really hope you get that much deserved respite and get to see your dad. But sleep well too. Lots of love Nanny857xx

I do hope that you get away. If you have a copy of the SALT report that should cover the carers requirements if you cannot get hold of your doctor's secretary. Love AliBee

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