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One year today

It is one year today that my hubby passed away after a four year PSP battle. It has been a long and difficult year and not a day goes by without me thinking about him and still feeling the injustice of it all. Thankfully as I move forward I have the continuing support of my daughter and son who are also missing their dad. For all of you that have lost and are caring for a loved one who continue to fight on with such dreadful illnesses my thoughts will be with you at this time. Love and hugs to you all. Jxx

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That year seems to have gone quickly to me, but I bet not to you. As my Mum's carer, I am so thankful for my Dad, Sister and my Husband, family makes all the difference, so good to hear that your Daughter and Son are with you.

I hope this Christmas will be slightly more enjoyable than the last despite there still being one person missing.

Prayers for you all, Julie

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J so glad that your children are still being supportive. Today will be sad but then everyday is? I hope you have a lot of love around you today and everyday.

Marie x

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Thanks, Z. It's a hard road, but love and happy memories help.

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Good to hear from you. I'm at the same stage as you. I'm only now beginning to regain my energy.

It's hard to think about Christmas.

Like you I remember all the time. Many happy memories. Like you I am fortunate in having supportive family and friends but its still hard.

A big hug from Jean x


It is good to hear from you too x I think we know that it is impossible to explain the emptiness that is felt but we have to move forward. Love and hugs Jxx


All I can say is I know. Six months for me and indescribably hard.



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