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Hospital Check up


We have attended my FIL three month check up with neurology under Dr Knopp a very kind gentleman. He listened and heard how the last three months have changed for my FIL with clear changes and now added extended episodes of spasms which can last up to 3 hours. We explained my FIL would like help to stop or at least steady these and relieve the neck stiffness but without knocking out or leaving him doped up he is no way ready for that.

He has suggested co-careldopa starting with one tablet a day working up to 3 a day which could be doubled to 6 tablets today.

I just wanted to know if anyone has any knowledge of this medicine if it was beneficial, any side effects. This is all new to me. I want to be able for him to be comfortable but don't want to stop him getting about whilst he can.

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Looking it up on google it is sinemet.

It may have some benefit for a while. Larry had no relief from his symptoms. You should know if it has any benefit fairly soon if it works.

Pooches in reply to Hidden

Thank you x

The drug has varied results, some get positive benefits, some get nothing and others can have negative results. Dad was a negative, the medicine produced no results at first and with the steady increase in dosage he eventually started hallucinating from it. At that point he was weaned off and medicine was stopped. I'd give it a try with close monitoring for any changes, report these to the doctor especially if negative. No need to wait for the next appt if you don't like what you see, call the doctor.


Pooches in reply to Dadshelper

Thank you thats helpful. I shall be watching him closely. Xx

Hope your fil benefits from this. I will be very interested as to how he gets on. Our neurologist has declined to put W on Sinemet. Best wishes Nanny857 xx

Pooches in reply to Nanny857

He is now up to 3 tablets a day and so far it has had no effect. He is still suffering rather violent episodes. We are giving it until Thursday. I'm told we should see it working fairly quickly if its ging to help at all. Thing is we do not want him being hindered from gettingbon with life as best he can so will have to weigh up any meds verses side effects as he needs to feel able to get out. I will update here as the week progresses. Xx

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