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Sensitive hearing help


Can I ask if any of the CBD diagnosed on here have sensitive hearing issues. My FIL can really suffer with his ears he often has cotton wool stuffed in them. Often this is one of the reasons he finds going out difficult. That and his impaired walking. I was wondering if anyone has been able to get financial help to get custom ear plugs made. As I feel they would be of real benefit to him. We are in the uk. It will also stop him wondering round with great clumps of cotton wool hanging out of his ears. Xx

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We have not come upon that, CBD obviously has a mind of its own. I would contact DN's or your GP and ask for an audiology appointment then you may be able to get ear plugs on prescription. I learn something new everyday on this site. Good luck. Ken.

Pooches in reply to kenh1

Thanks Ken. It's very strange and changes on a daily basis depending on alsoets of things he generally has a fuzziness in the head. Before diagnosis he had suffered with quite blocked ears so had treatment to slowly remove the blockage. Since then his ears have been very sensative. They have been checked and physically they are fine. Load sudden noises. Supermarket beeps, car alarms car, horns dogs barking and children crying. All affect him. So as you can see getting out and about can be a trial for him. When you add to it his unsteady walk anything that will most certainly make independence difficult. In our village he's pretty safe the family are scattered around and he's well know in the community so he can quite happily for now get around. The noise issue if not dealt with could potentially take away another freedom to I fiercely want to retain if possible. His world has already considerably got smaller in this last 6 months we need to hold on to independence as long as possible. Xx

kenh1 in reply to Pooches

From your reply I suspect he has perfect hearing and everyone else is deaf. Your description of things that annoy him also applies to me. We live in a very noisy society and I am often irritated by loud noises. I certainly wouldn't be able to go to a pop concert and I have walked out of churches when the music has got too loud. Last Sunday I went out with my son and his partner for a pub meal and as we got out of the car heard loud music. We turned round to a quieter pub and a very pleasant evening.

Dad has never complained about loud noises. I do have to turn the TV down when I visit him since the staff must think he is deaf and have it blasting away. The only recent sensitive issue is to light, he doesn't like the curtains open anymore as it hurts his eyes.


Pooches in reply to Dadshelper

Yes my FIL does not like the bright light. Xx

Hi Pooches,

I can only say my hubby reacted to "overstimulation" of any of the senses: He couldn't handle noise, light, too many people, "rushing" (things happening too fast) etc.... All of it was like an assault on his poor hard-working cerebral cortex that was trying to handle a light-speed world on dial-up.........

Best wishes finding the solution :-)

Anne G.

Pooches in reply to raincitygirl

That sounds familiar Anne. He gets very confused and at times fustrated even agressive the agression is not physical but I keep things calm and that seems to work. But definately when it gets busy he just wants out. Its so good to not be alone thank you for your insite. Xxx

Ian's ears can be sensitive to sound, but his big problem is tinnitus. It is so severe it can completely incapacitate him at times. I have wondered whether it is connected to PSP as the centre of his problem apparently is in the noise receptors in his brain, not his ears.

Juliet x

Pooches in reply to JCRy

That would make sence in our case. Thank you xx

Hi Pooches, my husband has probable PSP and just to add to the ever growing list of symptoms he is now very sensitive to noise, or at least what he perceives to be noise. Just the normal sounds of me putting pots and pans away in the kitchen is enough to agitate him even though he is in another room. Another symptom I guess that not all will get - so awful for them trying to deal with so many issues, and for us of course - I always seem to be treading on eggshells these days trying to keep things calm. Best wishes, HilsandR

Pooches in reply to HilsandR

This sounds so familiar he is also struggling with smells which I guess is all connected. Air freshers and cleaning products are just out of the window now. Im sure it must be connected.

Yes Mum has sent sensitivity to everything, like Anne G has described.

She cannot stand loud noises and it really does get to her. She needs calm and gets so jumpy with loud noise going on around her. Also light is a big issue too.

My sister made him jump the other week by clapping when she walked in he literally jumped up to attack her. I had never seen this in him ever before. Hopefully she has taken on board now that he needs calm. She wasn't impressed but it's just how he is now and we have to accept that. X

Yes for Mum it appears all the senses are hypersensitive and everyday life it too much stimulation for her brain to cope wirh.

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