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Mainly muscle relaxants, I know about chest infections and GSF πŸ˜‹

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My wife who has PSP gets severe pain in her jaw neck and shoulders she recently seen a dental consultant who said she needs to use a muscle relaxant alongside pain relief. She has had a lot of chest infections and has been in hospital 4 times, she's also been referred to our local hospice for daycare and Gold Standards Framework. Has anyone had any luck with muscle relaxants........ thanks

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Hi Evertonian. I have the same problem. My neurologist put me on Baclofen 10mg 2-3 times a day. Last fall they tried to taper me off it, but after 1-2 weeks I was miserable with severe muscle spasms and migraines. After I experienced an episode with my whole body frozen (very scary- lasted 2 hours) they decided I needed to continue on this med. I also have liquid Ativan now for emergencies and to help with increased pain/spasms/freezing episodes. I was diagnosed with PSP in 2014 (I think) and am receiving Palliative Care in the States. That jaw pain is especially brutal. Please give your wife gentle hugs from me. -Debxxx

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Thanks for the replys baclofen has been mentioned before but I think it it doesn't work with sinemet We are seeing our GP on Tuesday so will ask about giving baclofen a try ......thing couldn't get much worse

Thanks. Evertonian

Hi Evertonian, have just tried Bacalofen on my wife who has PSP. No noticeable change to her tremendous stiffness or grip but the side effect she had was virtually catatonic. I took her off them and she has returned to her normal. No two PSP sufferers react the same

Best of luck

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