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Death in a heartbeat

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I don't know why I am here tonight, I've had some wine and need to share.

Today was the first day I did NOT want to visit my husband.

My son and his partner of 6 years have just sold their house and were looking forward to a move up the 'chain'.

They are planning a baby and wedding (I know they do it back to front these days)!

BUT the worst of nightmares happened.

Yesterday my sons partner lost her 22 year old brother in a heart beat.

He died in a car crash.

This is not my grief, it is my son's partner and her family that are going through the worst of nightmares.

I've said it and can say no more.

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So sorry. Hang in there xxxx

So sorry, you are very much in our thoughts and prayers.

Ken & Doreen.

My heart is with you. Patty 💕

I'm so very sorry, D0ttieL0ttie. My heart goes out to you and your son and his partner and family. My prayers go up for you all, too.

Absolutely shocking

So so sorry Dottie!!

How life can change in a moment?!

💕 x

Oh Dottie how sad is that 22 years old, sending you a big hug xx.

What a dreadful shock so sorry to hear this.

It makes us value what we have and appreciate it just a little more.

Sending lots of love


So very sorry Dottie. It is as they say, we never know the day or the time? My Granddaughter had a death in her family just over a week ago. Her Mum's cousin went to take a cup of tea to her own Mum before going to work, and found her dead in bed!

Needless to say they were and are so shocked as she wasn't ill. Well not that they knew. She was 66 which isn't old these days. A nice way for her to go but not nice for the family. So another funeral in the family. I am not keen on going but must as I knew her for a very long time. Also I want to be there for my Granddaughter.

As for the unexpected death in your daughter in law to be's family that is so very sad too. A young man with his whole life ahead of him. No wonder you needed a drink. Very sad for all of you. God bless and may he rest in peace.

I know what you mean about not wanting to visit your husband. Will you tell him? Will he understand? Will it upset him too much? What a nightmare for you.


Marie x x

Your families are connected. You can grieve for this loss. A young uncle who will not be 😕

So sorry for all of you. The pain of those close to you is almost worse to bear than your own. I have been there too may times. It is very real. Prayers for strength and peace for you the families of the young man.

So sorry. It does make you ppreciate what you have got x

What a terrible thing to happen I can understand why you need to talk .

Oh DottieLottie,. Totally understand where you are coming from. To see a young man taken in his prime and your husband lying there, with no useful life left. You sometimes wonder who is rolling the dice. I often felt quite jealous when I heard of a death, especially if it was someone younger than Steve.

This isn't you being a bad person, just someone who is very very tired. I do hope that this doesn't ruin your son and his partners plan for too long. Life has to go on, as they say.

Hope the wine went down well, today, pick yourself up and go and give your husband a big hug.

Sending big hug and much love

Lots of love


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Katiebow in reply to Heady

Love your honesty Anne, you say it as it is, some of us think these thoughts that seem very dark but you are willing to say them. Thank you.

Kate xx

What a shock for you all, especially when coping with the evils of PSP, it's no wonder you didn't feel like visiting him. Life is full of surprises, unfortunately not always good ones.

Sending lots of love and support, no wonder you resorted to the wine.

Kate xxx

What a terrible shock for you all.

Life can be so unfair.

Thinking of you at this sad time.

Big hugs

Sue x

So very sorry for everyone's loss.


One never knows what life will throw at us or when.

So very sad. Sometimes life doesn't make sense. Losing a sibling at a young age is very difficult to accept. Prayers for all of you.



Oh how very tragic. So YOUNG. I can't really imagine the devastation. My dear kind beautiful mother died at 34 of cancer which was misdiagnosed at first and her young death became not something that happened to me (I was 16 at the time,) but it became a part of who I am and will always be. My only child is 23. Your son's lady and her family are in my prayers. I'm so sorry.

So sorry life is so precious and when you hear something like that you realise life is too short to waste an minute think this horrible illness has made me realise that x

My thoughts and prayers are with you and all the families impacted by this. It is heartbreaking to lose someone who has barely begun to live life. We have been in those shoes. They are ugly shoes, painful, and they can’t be taken off. No one wants them. I will hug my children a little closer- a little longer- the next time I see them. Hugs to you also


How absolutely awful and heartbreaking. I am So sorry. It really does make my heart break for them. Tragic

Dear Pam, I'm so sorry for the tragedy that has touched your life. Your poor son and his partner - they will carry that sorrow forever.

Although it is not 'your grief' it is a great sorrow that has entered your circle of people, and you are already worn down with sorrow of your own.

A hug for you and your dear hubby.

XXX. Anne G.

To lose someone so young and in such tragic circumstances is hard to take in. My thoughts and prayers for all who are grieving. Hope you got to give your husband a big hug. Lots of love Nanny857xx

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