I think I'm going slightly insane!

I've had a day made of nightmares today, I've been on the go since getting up this morning and I haven't actually achieved anything! Keith's mobility has been quite good but OMG his bottom hasn't! I seem to be endlessly using up all the loo rolls and wet wipes but the poo never ends, I don't seem to get anywhere, my back is aching from stopping over him trying to get him clean, I really can't take much more, I'm slowly losing the plot and the will to live! xx

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  • Should be stooping not stopping!

    Flipping auto correct! xx

  • Bless you pat!!

    I totally get you n this particular problem

    Tiring, never ending, smelly (understatement) grim and very hard to deal with


    Do you know what?.....

    You've clearly done a brilliant job having been on the go alllllll day, I find we rarely sit down, except to sleep!

    You've seriously earned yourself not a glass bit a bottle of wine!!

    Try and chill tomorrow's another day (hopefully without heaps of pooh)!!

    Strangely I'm wishing it to happy again here, back in loads of laxatives for dad

    It never ends my darling x

  • Oh, Patricia

    That sounds like a lot of work!

    Question: Would dampened flannels be easier? Yes, there's the washing... Something I've been thinking to offer L when things go a little awry.

    There should be a PSP Carer right of passage / ceremony.

    Do you 'xx' embrace insanity?

    "I have"

    And so forth.

    I hope you get a break this evening.

    Hope you get a better day tomorrow.




  • I am naughty i buy dry wipes from the disabilities shop they are basically a throw away flannel. That way no having to wash them just chuck them in the bin. Janexx

  • Jane

    I've been itching to find these!!!!!!

    My carers want them and no one knew what I was talking about!!! X

  • Just ask for dry wipes they come in a pkt of 100 and they are about £6 a pkt. So much better then wet wipes i normally get a few packs wheni order his pads. Janexx

  • Thx you Jane

    I'll get on to that!! X

  • Thanks for the tip :)

  • For anybody in the UK I've just checked on the complete care shop online site and they sell dry wipes, several different types, thanks Jane I'll order some tomorrow xx

  • Me too - thanks!

  • And me. Thanks!

  • i agree

  • Are these dry wipes better than the moist toilet wipes? Which is what I have been using. Or have I got the wrong end of the stick?

    Lots of love


  • They are about 10 inch square and at least twice as thick as wet wipes and toilet wipes. All you have to do is add water and soap..... if i use wet wipes i would grab at least 3 at a time with theese it's one at a time. Janexx

  • Jane

    Can I ask the make of them please! I NEED them lol x

  • The ones that i get are vernacare senset but there are loads around. Because i use our local disabled shop i just phone up and give them my list i.e. pads etc and a couple of pkts of dry wipes. And they deliver all my goodies that day. You can get them from complete care website think they might do them in lloyds chemist. amazon as well.


  • Thx u Jane

    Invaluable advice x

  • Kevin I don't think my washing machine would take that amount of flannels! 😂xx

  • Gosh - mind boggling - You are certainly up against it!


  • Try the dry wipes you use them like a flannel but then throw them away. Janexx

  • Thinking of you Pat, it's so hard, I'm not dealing with things but, we will get through xxx

  • Oh how i hated that bit. I think everything is so much harder at the start. I hoist Brian up and clean him when he is dangling from the hoist. Even better now that he has got a catheter so i dont get a shower when I'm dealing with the back end.

    I found sitting him on the commode without the pot in and a bowel of water underneath was good for a major clean up. Janexx

  • Oh pat sending you a big hug, hope tommorow is a better day for you, you have had so much to put up with lately, hope thing get better for you xxxx

  • what a $#*!!Y day. Hope tomorrow is dry and calm!


  • Hi Pat, my heart goes out to you. I hope tomorrow is better for you.

    We are not at this stage yet but I've collected so much info from you and everyone else here on what is ahead of us, I'm almost dizzy.

    Lots of love

    Nanny857 x x

  • Dont worry its the same at our house.We get through endless swheets and wet wipes.I am expert,but do seem to spend a hell of a lot of time in the loo.Guess where hubby is now!Taken 2 hours so far today and still havent had brekkie.The dogs have eaten even,my turn in a mo.At least the sun is shining xxxx

  • That was the main thing that nearly broke me, especially when he had colitis. I finally found a way that suits us. I gently "shave" the poo off him with a plastic spoon. I buy bags of 100 at a time. C nearly always "goes" in bed. He lies on a disposable incontinence sheet, on his side, with a pad strategically placed. This can be lifted so the majority gets disposed of straight away. The rest is ladled into the commode. We don't have solids since the PEG. I then use wet wipes but as most has been shaved off by then, I don't use so many. I've also bought something I haven't had in the house since our boys left; incense sticks but lavender perfumed, not the funny smells that came from the boys bedrooms. As soon as I smell he has been, two sticks are lit. When I've cleaned him up, I walk round the house with a lighted stick, including the porch. It's amazing how the other smell goes. Then I usually sit down and doze for a few minutes. Lavender sticks are brilliant for helping me relax....if it's too early for wine.


  • Did the person who invented wine get a sainthood? Certainly deserves one if not. How would we all cope with out it!!!

    Lots of love


  • I have a hazy memory in my head that is was monks that invented wine.... or is it my wine addled brain that would like to think that. Nice idea..... if its good enough for the god fellows then it can't be wrong. Janexx

  • Monks used to make a lot, and mead so maybe they did.


  • I'm taking note of what you say, my hubby has colitis too,

    The lavender sticks sound like a good idea

    Love Debbie

  • It's amazing what nursing care us carers are capable of performing. Never imagined I would have the stomach for dealing with every bodily function but people usually are more resilient than they think they will be. I haven't had too much clearing of poo but did help nurse my Mum and undertook tasks I would never in a million years think I would be able to do. I have taken lots of tips for when the time comes.

    K xxx

  • Oh, I know exactly what you mean !! It drives me to despair. I get beside myself.

    Hope its better tomorrow.

    I will get some dry wipes. Anything that helps.

    love and a big hug,

    Jean x

  • Me too, had a bad day with things going wrong, and they weren't really PSP things!!

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