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We live almost 1 kilometre from the hospital where I was having a total knee replacement. I had care lined up for Ch 8am til 12, afternoons was ABI daughter who has aphasia and evening was teacher daughter picking up Ch and taking him out to our old place to stay overnight where she now lives. I told him 'if you want to visit you must get a taxi'. So on day 2 teacher daughter arrives saying I just left Dad in the emergency downstairs. He was walking to hosp with ABI daughter and had fallen twice. ... ho ho ho you may well say. But ABI daughter had phoned me and the message was "we are walking to you ... oh ... oops ... dad down ....", and silence. He arrived with bandaged knees and elbows in a wheelchair having picked up by a couple of nurses. Laugh -it could have been worse... val

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Oh my goodness!!! Thankfully you have retained a sense of humour one of those laugh or cry situations I suspect!!!!!

Hope your recovery goes smoothly - with no further incidents - look after yourself

Sending lots of love


crab2093 in reply to Tippyleaf

Oh yes thanks, doing well, Of course he laughs all the time. So do I, We just keep on keeping on. cheers val

Carry on laughing, it makes you feel much better than crying does. I hope the rest of the week is uneventful......but if it isn’t, carry on laughing 😆.


crab2093 in reply to NannaB

Certainly no sense in crying. But thought recording it might give you all a laugh too,... val

How wonderful that his desire to get to you was so strong he'd go to all that trouble...😌

Cherish that❣️❣️

Anne G

Well he knew it was just 'down the road'. I said you cant even walk around Bunnings but in his head he can walk forever.... v

Oh you made me laugh, I agree with Anne he just wanted to be with you, he must love you very much. Yvonne xxxx

Oh yes, I am sure that was the reason. He was lucky he landed near the hosp and there were nurses to pick him up....v

Hi Val

Total nightmare!

Glad you saw the funny side. Some humour definitely helps with this.

Hope the knee op. went OK.



crab2093 in reply to Kevin_1

Yes knee is coming along well and can walk without crutch. Ch still falling regularly so getting him up requires him to follow instructions, which he does, so we manage now with very little strain to me. Yes laughter is so important....val

Scared but funny at the same time, as if you haven't enough on your plate. Keep on smiling.

Kate xxx

crab2093 in reply to Katiebow

Thanks ...will do ... v

Good Morning Crab - I love your humor! I believe humor is a major blessing in this life. I would be lost without it.

Thankful for all of you that it was not worse.

Sending Hugs - Granni B

crab2093 in reply to Motts

yep, I thought it was worth sharing... v

Hi Val, hope you are recovering well after your operation. I admire your hubby's determination in getting to see you. Hope he is ok now. Keep that humour, it's lovely. Love Nanny857xx

Good Morning Val

Just checking on you and wishing you a marvelous day of Sunshine, a bunch wildflowers and huge bowl of chocolate covered strawberries (or your favorite treat).

Sending Hugs - Granni B

Thanks to you. Everyday is full of sunshine here in Townsville. Native wildflowers are our favourite. Today Im feelin good and improving all the time. Ch helps as much as he can. You have all made my day. Thanks... v

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