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Surgery questions

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Last night was our 3rd ER trip this month from falls. First two only bruises ( hip and back) last night was a hand injury. He's transitioning to using his wheelchair most of the time, but he got up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and fell. He dislocated his finger and it tore the skin and exposed tendons. They put it back in place , stitched him up and put him in a splint. So my question: tomorrow we meet with a hand surgeon and I'm wondering about the risk of anesthesia. If he wants to repair the finger for him to use it, well he already has loss of dexterity. I'm just questioning the necessity of surgery at this point? He's already had a big decline this summer and I'm really worried what surgery would do. So thoughts on anesthesia??

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From my understand having general anesthesia poses a slight risk for anyone but more so for the elderly and people with neuro diseases. If he is able I'd let him make the decision on surgery or not AFTER the surgeon fully explains the risks. Also have the surgeon give you an estimate of dexterity loss with and without the surgery. One other thing I'd take into consideration is if it's his primary hand or not, if not personally I'd be more inclined to let it heal and skip the surgery.

This is just my personal opinion based off what I'd do for Dad in a similar instance.


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which finger is it??

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Khartt in reply to daffodil48

Left hand, not dominant, index finger

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Personally I would not go through anesthetic and surgery for it. My hubby has two fingers that are compromised one due to hereditary and other the tendon is constricting the finger.. He has been offered surgery but declined because of nerve damage. last surgery he had for gall bladder removal he ha bad side effects. I wouldn't let him go thru surgery again for anything minor.

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Hi, when my mum was at the falling stage, she fell and broke bones several times. The worst was a backwards fall in the kitchen against a protruding corner, this resulted in a line of breaks down her ribs. The ribs were loose and threatening her lungs, so she went in to have them pinned. The recovery was very slow and she never did make it back to where she was before the fall, almost but not quite. However, because of the pain she was happy to stay in her wheelchair and not attempt to walk anywhere, which gave her plenty of rest to recuperate.

Anaesthetic is a worry for everyone, PSP or not, but the team at the hospital will help you with the best advice hopefully.

I hope all goes well. Julie

Doctors will treat symptoms or conditions. Not sure if quality of life is considered. As Dadshelper says talk to the surgeon then make a decision.

older posting,hope it helps.


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