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Came across this. It is probably very expensive, (they don't tell you on site) so I sent for a price quote. Medicare doesn't cover it but they said that some secondary insurances may cover part. code is HSPS Durable Medical Equipment E-0172 (Powered toilet seat lift. this is in US but maybe something similar in UK. It is not just for on the toilet. Has lockable wheels for transport to toilet or can be used bedside.

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Hello lovely lady, just goggled it, it is quite expensive £1635.00, not sure weather or not I would buy one? What does anybody else think, as anybody got one? Yvonne xxxx

Geez that is expensive but if insurance helps cover it might be more affordable.

Very pricey. I suppose it’s worth it if it is really needed and there is no one else to help.

Well, everything else apart that video is mesmerising.

If we had one I would sit in the bathroom for hours making Star Trek door opening noises.

OK. I'm sad... but my cat understands.


It does look exceptionally good though.

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Tee Hee

LOL!! (I actually did that..!)

Actually - Star Wars Theme is soo much better. :)

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Actually quite funny visualizing it

Funny, even though hubby is now gone I keep interested in new equipment ideas.. Sort of fantasize about the perfect house set up..

I think this would make the list 😉

Anne G.

I can relate............I still read for answers or methods that I didn't know or even didn't realize that I needed. So glad I am not alone. I also keep up on the latest/newest theories as to the possible causes of PSP.

It's just like looking at what is available now for baby care. I see things and say wish they had that when mine were babies

I think you DEFINITELY have put your finger on it. It makes sense now. Thank you for taking the time to share your theory.....It IS comforting to understand a bit more why I do this.


May Santa put one under my tree this year - I never know what to ask him for - so problem solved. And Star Wars music would be perfect. LOL

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