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Hi jillannf6

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Glad to see you are still reading our posts! You liked 2 of mine In the last couple of days!

I have been away for a holiday and missed you and all our friends here as I was out of internet range.

I have been cruising at the very bottom of New Zealand and we saw lots of fiords, waterfalls as it rains a lot and caught lots of fish. We also caught a big octopus, 5 sharks and a conger eel! They went back a bit the worse for wear!

We spent a lot of time inside the fiords as the sea was rough, but managed 2 bumpy trips from Doubtful Sound to Dusky Sound and then to Preservation Inlet. There the sun shone and we walked to the point to visit Puysegur Lighthouse in glorious sunshine and mud!. The following day we were ferried back to Te Anau by helicopter. That was an awesome ride, over snow covered mountain peaks for over half an hour.

Hope someone can help you read my post and then you can like it!

Thinking of you!

Love and hugs


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Superb, wonderful... That sounds like a great holiday.

Hugs and smiles



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honjen43 in reply to Kevin_1

Was a wonderful and liberating experience, Kevin!

Now I have over 1,000 photos to edit and file into a diary!

Hope you are doing OK, and that Liz is comfortable in her new wheelchair and harness.

I am amazed at what you achieve between you, and how well you appear to overcome overwhelming odds that PSP continues to throw your way! I know that in the background it will not be that easy!

Love and respect to you both,

Big Hugs


Yes, it's so good to see Jillann liking our posts. I hope she's feeling ok. At least she's connected and that is something...and she knows we love her :-)

And great to see you had a good holiday Jen! Loved the description :-) I know I will do that someday too, but too exhausted to even think of it at present. As someone wise would say "this is all part of the process - don't rush it."


Anne G.

Yes. This was my first trip I arranged by myself and went on alone! Felt ready to do it, so it will happen!

Funny thing was, when passengers met each other, I found one lady who looked familiar, and she felt the same. We found we knew each other at Young Wives group 45 years ago!!!! I remembered her as she lost her 5 year old to leukaemia. So we had a life catchup!


Jen xxx

Sounds like a fascinating fun holiday. Love the sound of the helicopter ride. Nanny857xx

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honjen43 in reply to Nanny857

Helicopter was definitely a plus! We were in the Rescue chopper rigged up in bus mode! And had the rescue chopper pilot - so were in excellent hands.

Government here are trying to reduce number of rescue bases and Te Anau is one they want to close. This pilot has 3.5 YEARS of flying hours experience in these mountains and no-one knows them better! And the proposal is to run the whole rescue service from Christchurch, which is a long way away, without considering the lack of experience!!

And latest today is that the pilots have been 'gagged'! Time will tell!


Jen xxx

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