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The Big Bang of Alzheimer's and Tau Protein


Marie_14 read this article from Science Daily describing the beginning of tau proteins "breaking bad" The moment before they get sticky and start to clump. They are calling it the "Big Bang" of tau protein study, and it is a sign of the potential for an end to neuro diseases. Not anytime soon...not in some of our loved ones' lifetimes, but we can believe it's coming.

Thanks to the wonderful people who participate in brain donation. Thank You!!

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Anne you have done better than I did!! However that wasn't the article I read. It was but dated 13th July. It is about how sulfates (sp) get into the brain causing neurodegenerative diseases. Both are very interesting articles.

Have no idea how to paste the link onto here though!

Marie x

Ha ha!! There is a LOT on that website! ...Let me see if I can find the one you're talking about and add it to my post.......

"The Secret Sulfate that lets the Bad Tau in".....Was it this one?

Yes that's it!! Well done

Marie x x

Well done,there’s sulfites added to most wine. I wonder if this is anything for them to research in susceptible people? Probably nothing to do with it but shame if it is !😃😃brain going to research as would hope they find cure for future generations-too late for me!!


Ps hope you are coping as best you can.

That's both sad and hopeful at the same time, isn't it Jayne? Sad for you, but hopeful that your offering would help cure this disease...that would give even more meaning to one's life....

Sulfates and Sulfites might be different things!?!?

Who knows ? But it makes you wonder what all theses additives being put in our food etc are doing!

Me again! That's not the article but equally interesting. The one I read is from 13th July. They are sulfates that get into the brain! It explains how it happens. They mention Parkinson's, PSP and CBD. However another prion(?) which they know can causes MSA is also mentioned! They say most neurodegenerative diseases will benefit from this knowledge. Sorry I can't paste it!😢. Have copied it but it won't paste!

Marie x

What is the title of the article Marie? I'm pretty sure I can paste....If I can ever get the right one!!

Anne the last one was the right one!! Sorry but I sent you a reply twice. That's what happens when you stay up until 3am!! 😂. Sorry for that and thank you for finding the right one and pasting it onto here.

Marie x


in reply to Marie_14

Hi' can you send a link to that info , please. thanks

Hi Nina: just go up to my post/reply to Marie and click on the blue print. It's 2 days ago and starts with the words Science daily..... Good luck! :-)

Yes, and the clinical John was in the Abbvie drug was also being given to early onset Alzheimer’s patients at the same time.

Very interesting. Thank you so much for sharing. I wish I had more of a chance to do more research on PSP. Sounds promising. Alice

To me it explains why so many people's experience of PSP CBD and other degenerative diseases are different. Let's hope and pray that this research leads to preventive medicines and a cure.

in reply to kenh1

They are hoping that it will lead to new medication which will halt progression rather than a cure. Thank goodness they are doing this though! A step in the right direction? If you don't understand what's happening you can't develop drugs to halt it? Eventually to cure it but that may take time? Unless someone has an Eureka moment,?

Marie x

Interesting - thank you for sharing. Let’s hope that one day this research will be able to help

treat people with PSP and CBD

Love Tippy

Thank you for helping Anne! Won't tell you what time I went to bed!!

Marie x

Hi Anne, thank you for sharing this. Praying that a cure/treatment comes sooner rather than later. Hope you are taking time for yourself. Lots of love, Nanny856xx

Thanks Nan, I am...and so glad to still have the support of this site :-)


I do not find this surprising given that

a) a protein is a folded string of amino acids

b) sticky end due to DNA coding such as AATTCG matches with TTAAGC

This line of thought leads to the following ways of stopping clumping of tau if the clumping is caused through the exploitation of DNA residual base coding (sticky ends)

1) mutate bases in the sticky end using targetted high energy photons

2) excise such bases using gene editing

Jim, is there any avenue for you to share your thoughts with research scientists? You ought to have a "high level" HU site just for patients like you who know a whole other level of stuff about this disease!

....but don't you dare leave US! ;-)


Anne G.

Hi. Wouldn't it be lovely to think that we are on the road to a cure for this horrible disease. It is fantastic that more and more people are donating brain tissue to research. I was told recently that more people than ever before are donating. Let's pray that the researchers fine a way to stop this disease soon.



you forget that as well as having PSP and a v high IQ i am first and foremost British which means I like rain, and queueing but also modesty and loyalty--so i will never leave you all :))

as i noted earlier, a protein is a folded string of amino acids. A prion is a protein which folds into a different shape and becomes 'infective' in the sense that it can then induce other normal proteins to refold and become infective. then they all clump together ----the mechanism by which this happens in detail has eluded us so far--there are a number of hypotheses---but it looks like these sticky ends provided by complementary RNA strands have a part to play in the clumping prcess--it would be good to know if it has been shown that pure tau will not clump in vitro but tau plus RNA does clump

The even better new for all of us with PSP is it turns our weakness---the progression of effect is much faster in us than in those with othe more comon neuro conditions------ into a strength. Drugs trials on tau 'cluster busting' drugs should show effect faser in PSP thus we go to the front of the queue or line :))

... As is only appropriate for those who respect 😁

But good point about the speeded up process creating better experimental conditions.

Here's to a breakthrough soon, Jim! 🥂 Clink!

Anne G.

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