Trazodone treats tau?

I trust everyone has heard the news about anti-depression drug trazodone being a possible treatment for tau. Well mum and dad went to the doctors yesterday and asked about it, the doc said he would consider it and get back to us. Today we have the script, happy days. So if you're in the uk head down the docs and tell them what's up. It's a really cheap drug apparently.

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  • Well I made an appointment with my NHS doctor to get it........ the next available appointment 18th May !

    I then went with online 'Skype' type appointment at 10.10 today...... had the call at 10.14 and the doctor was happy with my request for 50mg tablet for help with sleeping at night. I am collecting them in the next few minutes from my local pharmacy.

    Cost of appointment with the discount code was £5.00

    I wish everything was so easy !

    Ps, I will still be going with my NHS doctor.

  • Good that it helps with sleep too. We just need to make the switch the old anti d to this one, half dose of each for a week or two then just the trazodone. Not sure how many mg, I'll get back to you on that. Happy days though. 👍

  • I do not take any meds. at the moment and will only be taking them for sleeping.

    I suspect that if you want to take them with a hope of treating tau it would need the slow release high dose versions which seem to have bad side effects.

    All best wishes,


  • From what I just read, it seems that some of the more important things to be aware of are the possible side effects of dizziness / balance problems and possible cardiac arrhythmias . Of course since balance problems with a capital "B" ! are a calling card of PSP, be on guard just in case. Should also help with insomnia ! The tests using Trazedone on mice seem pretty positive so sounds like definitely worth running it by my sister's neurologist and seeing what his response is to this ! Anything positive is exciting !!

    Thanks so much for this info !

  • Good for you :)

    Please do report back on this from ti,e to time.



  • Please keep us abreast as to the progress or lack thereof with Trazadone!

    Can always depend on you to find what's going on, M0


  • Well the Trazodone WORKED........... however after re-reading all the user reviews I decided to half the dose and took 25mg instead of the 50mg.

    At 22.00 hrs last night I had toast, the pill and half glass warm milk and went to bed 30 mins later. I lay there in bed and felt myself drifting off to sleep, probably 15 mins and I was asleep.

    I woke up at 02.00 for a pee and then went straight back to bed and sleep.No problem walking to the bathroom. I woke up at 07.00 feeling good and felt I had a really good nights sleep. I dozed there in bed and woke up again at 09.15 and got up.

    I think I will stick with 25mg dose for the moment because other than a slightly dry mouth when I woke at 02.00 there were no side effects.



    ps. I will probably go to the 50mg in a weeks time.

  • Good news, Patrick! Nice to hear. Sleep makes all the difference, doesnt it? Trazadone had such a dramatic effect on my guy the first night, keeled him right over, that I was rather nervous of it, but after that it didn't seem to help him sleep at all. He has such a hard time falling and staying asleep at night.

    The possibility that trazadone, or some improvement on it, could really treat PSP is quite exciting. I think it will come too late for us, but it's nice to imagine that the breakthrough is close.

    Here's hoping! Love, ec

  • It seems to work/effect people in different ways.......... I will give another update in a week or two.

    I am sorry it didn't work for your guy.

    Some reviews here.

  • I had been prescribed Trazodone for sleep about six months before my diagnosis for sleeping difficulties. I was prescribed 100 mg at bedtime. I took it for several months before I was d/ced by my doctor. It did not make me sleep.

    I had the same experience about fifteen years ago with my internalist. No effect after six months.

    Don't want to rain on anyone's parade, but that was my experience​.

    With kindest regards,


  • Dear Steve, I imagine that folks taking trazadone right now for actual treatment of tau tangles since these recent very hopeful results have been published are a little ahead of the research, but because clinical conclusions depend on gross results, it seems like a reasonable bet to me to add trazadone to the treatment options and cross your fingers that it may help while the research catches up and refines the recommendations. I have been considering it myself, even if it doesn't help with the sleep!

    Wotthehell, eh?

    Peace and hugs, ec

  • Wotthell indeed. No harm in trying though. Sorry to be absent but family obligations have been swamping me​ lately.

    Much love and peace,


  • I might up the dose to 50mg tonight...........

    The 25mg have got me to sleep and I have no grogginess in the morning.

    Lets see how I feel tomorrow morning after the 50mg capsule.



  • Hi you can also try amitriptyline 10mg which has helped other psp patients who have advanced stages of psp

  • Thanks for the 'heads up' on amitriptyline 10mg, I may look at it sometime in the future.

    The larger 50mg Trazodone went very well and certainly no side effects.......... hopefully my NHS doctor will continue the prescription, I can see no reason that she will not allow me to enjoy the benefits of easier better sleep and also the chance that it may slow down the degeneration of my brain.



  • Main issue with amitriptyline is that it can cause constipation.

  • Is anyone else getting any results with the trazodone? Me and mum think we might be. My dad is getting up and dressing himself for the first time in over at least a year and a half. He is making eye contact easily again. He hasn't used his indoor mobility chair for over a month. He's able to play cards much quicker than he had been.

    We don't know what to think and we darent ask him how he is.

    Maybe the disease is just fucking with us... 🤔

    He takes 200mg a day.

  • I would add that he has fallen over a couple of times in the last few days.

  • looks like it was the disease fucking with us. He's going through another bad spell. His eyes are much worse again. Still more eye contact than there was but he can't see as well as he had been.

  • Sorry for your situation. I'm not good at English but also I tried to find the way to take care of that disease.. 4months ago I saw the article at Pspassociate. website covering Trazodone. I understood that drug could be benefical under Psp as I understood..

    How long has it been taken for you family? I want to know any idea for the improve on my situation. If my reply is uncomfortable, I appologise you.

    Sincerely, Maxy.

  • I think he's been taking it for about 6 months now. He's up to 200mg a day. I say go for it, it's cheap and easy to get. Sorry for the delayed reply. 👍

  • Have you ever swept the floor only to find dirt FOLLOWING your broom? All I've successfully done is make way for new dirt to replace the old....Such a defeatest, negative attitude and for what? well I think sometimes esp. with PSP and other progressives, they respond to drugs for a minute while the drug has a cleaning effect but returns with severity to its onward state ...

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