Trazodone treats tau?

I trust everyone has heard the news about anti-depression drug trazodone being a possible treatment for tau. Well mum and dad went to the doctors yesterday and asked about it, the doc said he would consider it and get back to us. Today we have the script, happy days. So if you're in the uk head down the docs and tell them what's up. It's a really cheap drug apparently.

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  • Well I made an appointment with my NHS doctor to get it........ the next available appointment 18th May !

    I then went with online 'Skype' type appointment at 10.10 today...... had the call at 10.14 and the doctor was happy with my request for 50mg tablet for help with sleeping at night. I am collecting them in the next few minutes from my local pharmacy.

    Cost of appointment with the discount code was £5.00

    I wish everything was so easy !

    Ps, I will still be going with my NHS doctor.

  • Good that it helps with sleep too. We just need to make the switch the old anti d to this one, half dose of each for a week or two then just the trazodone. Not sure how many mg, I'll get back to you on that. Happy days though. 👍

  • I do not take any meds. at the moment and will only be taking them for sleeping.

    I suspect that if you want to take them with a hope of treating tau it would need the slow release high dose versions which seem to have bad side effects.

    All best wishes,


  • From what I just read, it seems that some of the more important things to be aware of are the possible side effects of dizziness / balance problems and possible cardiac arrhythmias . Of course since balance problems with a capital "B" ! are a calling card of PSP, be on guard just in case. Should also help with insomnia ! The tests using Trazedone on mice seem pretty positive so sounds like definitely worth running it by my sister's neurologist and seeing what his response is to this ! Anything positive is exciting !!

    Thanks so much for this info !

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