A drug update for PSP

This is from Dr. Golbe's blog (psp-blog.org) . I concur with what he says, I am hoping for sunnier PSP clinic days soon as well..

...I’m happy to report the drug/biotech industry’s efforts to develop a therapeutic antibody are proceeding apace. The latest tidbit is that the FDA has granted orphan drug status to the anti-tau antibody designated C2N-8E12 being developed by a joint venture of C2N Diagnostics and Abbvie. A 32-patient Phase I trial headed by Adam Boxer at UCSF will begin sometime soon. Achieving orphan status allows the company certain financial advantages and a longer patent life. Both are critically important for any new treatment for a rare disease, as the potential profits wouldn’t otherwise justify the development cost and risk.

Several other companies are working on anti-tau therapeutic antibodies, many of them aiming initially at PSP. Their ultimate Holy Grail is a treatment for Alzheimer’s, but it’s easier to conduct a clinical trial in PSP, as its progression is more readily predicted and measured. Furthermore, tau is the only protein known to aggregate in PSP, which makes that disease a simpler “model system” than AD, where both tau and beta-amyloid aggregate. The company furthest along this road is Bristol-Myers Squibb, whose tau antibody trial seeks 48 patients with PSP at 12 centers across the US and will start enrolling in a few weeks.

So I’m hoping for sunnier PSP clinic days soon!

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  • Thank you so much Christine47 for the hopeful news !! My sister with PSP, who's still able to be semi independent is here with us on L.I. . I will look into it and see if any of the centers would be located close enough for her to apply to be a pt. in the trial.

    Just knowing that there's actually some forward momentum in the development of anti-tau antibodies is tremendous news !! She has never taken any of the drug treatments used for Parkinson's so I believe that she would be a good candidate.

    Even if it would not be advisable to put her through the stress of a clinical trial as even traveling into Manhattan takes a toll on her , it's still so heartening that there will quite possibly be a meaningful intervention available in the future for people afflicted with PSP. That will be a great day for so many pts and their families !!

  • Good news to see some action! Thanks for sharing.....


  • Why only 48 patients? S would willingly try anything!!!

    Lots of love


  • Can you get him to San Fransisco?

  • I wish!!! No insurance company would touch him, coming to the USA.

    Struggling to be able to go to Europe now!!!

    Lots of love


  • I know . One research asked for B but we would have to find a place to live while we were there. I don't even think they paid a stipend! certainly not transportation. so we said no.


    I know research doesnt have a lot of money , but unless they find human specimens and financially help them a bit....well lets face it, theyre not going to get approved just looking at what their meds do to rats.....!

  • This news has lifted K's spirit a little, let's keep our fingers crossed!

  • I am taking Aunt Bev down August 10 for more research Ill see what I can find out.

    And if you can make it your always welcome to stay at our house, not the best but if it will help out with saving so you could get here I would help in any way I can SF is not to far from Reno, NV so know the offer is there if you want


  • I have not read any earlier comments from Christine47? There are uses of an AD drug going on here in Melbourne Victoria & recently some new developments for M an easier diagnosis x ray I think Marytea13

  • I think the same testing is going on in Birmingham, Al. My spouse is signed up for the testing coming us soon there.

  • Yes UAB is one of the sites listed for the Bristol Myers study . Sounds like they are one of the medical centers doing a lot of research in this area. Glad you can access them.

  • Hello, I have a very dear friend suffering with PSP, Please let us know if you are taking on anymore patients for a trial. We can be reached at 914-320-0377 . We thank you in advance for your support. Debra and Karin

  • If you go to the Bristol Meyers Squibb website and click on the link for clinical studies, you can find the locations in the 2nd mentioned study listed along with contacts. As of yesterday, think indicated not recruiting yet. (I.e. Blog article indicated in the next few weeks.)

  • I saw the update with the list of trials occurring just now. A lot more than I had thought. :)

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