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Not PSP related, but Mum's gone


Hi all,

I just wanted to let you know that further to my post last week where I said that my sister and I were having to watch my mums final days at the dementia nursing home, that she said goodbye to us on Friday.

Although she had been struggling with the chest infection for almost two weeks, the end was pretty quick, and she hardly suffered. I think she was ready to go.

My sister was there at the end, and she held her hand and talked to her all the way through. Unfortunately I wasn't there, and missed it by just under ten minutes, as I was putting my shoes on having got changed after work to go in for that evenings visit when I got the phone call from Lynne. I'm just glad that one of us was there.

She had a good life, lots of fun to be around, tended to be popular in groups of people, and despite the dementia, sometimes still popped up with little one liners at the home which sent us and the carers into giggles.

Thanks Mum, you were awesome, you and Dad who left us in 2007 did a good job for me and Lynne, and we'll never forget that.

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Bless you Derek, I’m really very sorry to read this but I do believe your mum is in a better place now!

You have certainly been through the mill my darling.

Sending you much love and strength x

You are having a real roller coaster, Derek.

Condolences to you and your sister. Your mother sounds great.

Love from Jean xx

Thinking about you at this sad time. Yvonne xxxx

Sending lots of love and a big hug to you Derek

Look after yourself



Hello Derek

Two so close... tough stuff. I am sorry.

I am so glad she slipped away quietly.

I expect you got back to her to say your good-byes soon after - She would have waited.

Your post is an amazing epitaph for both your Mum and Dad.

So I shall simply celebrated them as great people.

Wishing you the best at this difficult time.

You are a man with a good head and a big heart.



Derek I am so very sorry to hear this. However she went with no pain and in peace. God bless her and you too and your sister who was with her. She and your Dad certainly did a good job as you and your sister sound so lovely.

Take care of yourself.

Marie x

So sorry to read this, Derek. Very comforting to know that she went in peace and with a loved one with her.

You and your sister sound like attentive offspring and I'm sure that it's a reflection of your upbringing which says a lot for your parents.

My condolences!



Dear Derek,

I'm sorry you've lost your mum. That's a very hard relationship to have come to an end - no matter what the circumstances nor our age. I'm glad she had a "good death" and that you were able to be so close to her in her final days.

Quite the year for you... Hope you get a big long break with nothing but good news for a long while! :-)

Anne G.

Sorry for your loss my thoughts are with you at the very sad time. Jxx

Dear Derek

I am so sorry for your and your sister's loss. Your mum is now with your dad. This must bring some happiness to you both. I am sending love and hugs to you at this sad time.

Kind regards


Condolences to you Derek. Hard to take two losses so close. Life is so hard sometimes but glad it was peaceful. Pauline x

Dear Derek, so sorry to hear about your Mum. May she rest in peace.

This is going to be hard for you, on top of everything else. Give yourself some breathing space, all sorts of memories are going to come flooding back.

Sending big hug and much love

Lots of love


Sorry to hear. Your sister being ther was nice for your mom.

Strength to you and your sister. Xxx

Dear Derek,

You certainly have had your share of doubly whammies but I am so proud of you and want to learn from what you've gone through. I'll pray for you and your family.

Your mother loved you very much, that's obvious. Now take care.


What a lovely tribute. Thank you.


I didn’t realize that when you were consoling me, you were also morning the loss of your Mum. You are so kind.

I offer you my condolences and am sorry for your loss. I know how difficult this time is after having seen my children deal with the loss of their mother.

As we always say, this is a cruel disease to both the sufferer as well as the family. My heart goes out to you.

Thoughts and prayers going your way,


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