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Hello Jill (jillannf6 )


I see your still able to join in our group

Just wanted you know we think of you often,wondering how your doing.

😊🙋waving at you.


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Oh yes we do Jill XxxX

Here here xxxx

Waiving at you Jill

:) :) :)

Also saying a big hello Gill. xxxx

Dear Jill, I think of you all the time. I raise a glass to you and send a hug! (Well, the glass-raising will have to wait until I'm off work...but I AM thinking of you!)

With love,


I have a glass in hand and yes I am raising it you as well, Jill. Know we all love you and glad you are still with us.

Sending big hug and much love

Lots of love


Hi all, have had same thoughts for Jill. Sent a PM 4 days ago but no response yet!

Hey Jill, still thinking of you!

Looks like you have a BIG GROUP HUG coming your way!


Jen xxx

Waves at Jill, I love seeing your posts!

Same with me! I always notice when JillAnn likes something I posted and I think "how the heck are you doing? - You've been with us for a long time - Hurray!" also "You can't keep a party girl down!" :-)

Anne G.

A wave and a shout out to Jill from me too!

A wave and hug from me toon x

Hello Jill... haven't forgotten about you.

Hi Jill , hello and hugs from me. Maddy x

Yes, thinking of you, Jill and sending you strength and best wishes.

Hey Jill Your responses always encourage me....hope youre doing well.....

Love ya,


Thinking of you, Jill. Love from Jean xx

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