Not scared anymore

Rog came into the hospice 5 days ago, my aim was to keep him at home but i needed to be his wife not his nurse. I have a bed by his side and all have to do his love him.

We have lovely views over the woods through a huge patio door by his bed.

These days have been wonderous, a steady stream of friends , family young and old, much laughter and 'do you remembers'. All the hospice at home girls popping in , and staff who have restored my faith in my profession.

Delma and i put the shutters down on saturday, just us and rog, held him cried over him , and started to plan.

Not sure what is keeping him, hopefully not the flight that is landing from aus on the 23rd, family wedding on the 27th.

Nite nite lovely people

My man is safe x

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  • Lovely post, Julie. It brought tears to my eyes. Thinking of you all.

    love from Jean xx

  • This was me a year ago. May sound stupid, but I got so much pleasure and comfort from all the Christmas lights and wanted to go around to thank everyone for their efforts, in brightening up a very dark world for me. I am now getting the same comfort, a year on, by seeing all the lights again. Trying to analysis it now, I think it's the memories of all my Christmas's and people who have loved me, made me feel safe, coming together, to give me comfort, knowing they were still watching over me and Steve.

    For me, it was such a privilege to be with Steve on those final days. Not many of us get this time. This is one thing PSP does do right. It just the rest, the b#%€$¥€d, made us pay.

    Trying to send you lots of strength, with it, big hugs and much love.

    Lots of love


  • Anne it doesn't sound stupid at all. We all get comfort from different things. I have been feeling Garry's presence around me and so has my Granddaughter. So we are having Christmas Day here.

    Then I am going to my son's but I have told him I don't want to go early! I want us to be together and share this Christmas. It somehow feels very important.

    Whatever helps is right for all of us?

    Marie x

  • Love to you, Julie. That's a beautiful post. Thank you for taking the time to share with us. It's been a hard road for you and Rog. It's good there is some peace for you both now. Sarah

  • Back in your arms where he wants to be Julie, so pleased you have him with you and all the support is in place. What would we do without the hospice. I wouldn't be surprised that he is trying to hold on to see his family, my mum did that and just before she died she opened her eyes and said "are all you girls there" after being reassured we were she let go and peacefully passed away, bless her.

    Sending much love and warm wishes to you all, enjoying just bring his wife for once.

    Love kate xxx

  • Julie such a lovely post, so happy you are able to spend quality time with Rog and your family, Yvonne xxxxx

  • Julie, so glad you have all the support you need now. Sounds like a wonderful place too. So glad you are able to just be with Rog to hold him and cuddle him. Bless you both and prayers going your way.

    Marie x

  • Oh dear,

    Another post that has brought tears to my eyes.........


  • That’s lovely Julie. I agree with Kate. I think he may be hanging on knowing more family are arriving. I pray that whatever time he has left is peaceful and pain free.

    ❤️ XxxX

  • Bless you both Julie. Such a heartfelt post and all I can do is send you lots and lots of love x

  • Glad your man is safe...... time to feel same way, woman . sounds like you are well planned.

  • i love you guys


    Nice day for a white wedding!

  • Such a lovely post at such a difficult time for you. Glad you are receiving the love and support you need.


  • Hugs.


  • Enjoy these precious moments together.

    Much love, Althea

  • Sending you much love. May these days allow you to make memories and bring you all peace to look back upon xxx

  • I add my support to you Julie, and thanks for sharing these intimate end times. We are with you in spirit.


    Anne G.

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