when the carer is ill


just a little share , my worry has been for quite a while what happens to rog if i am ill or not around? he needs full time care so could not be left, kids have lives they all have to work and do all they can but realistically could not provide that level of care and have no room to take him in and he does'nt want that.

i have taken positive action , referred myself and rog to adult social services both been assessed and his needs and level of care is now officially logged, i told the social worker that if the worst happened and i was not on the scene i have advised my rels to ring the on call social worker to put in place all identified needs for him immediately . bless her she was a little taken aback when i refused to put an emergency contact number telling her that my fear was that person would be presumed to be taking over my role. i feel more settled now, she agreed with me although a little unconventional it made thinks very clear!

also have you all heard about ICE numbers in your phone? this is in case of emergency numbers which the emergency services will scroll down to look for if you are ill ? you put them in yourself under the name of ICE, clever i thought, have a great day out there


julie and rog x

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  • Hi, I have register S with Social Services, if something happens to me as well. All I had to do was phone them to say S was a vulnerable adult. I also carry a Carers card, which, if something happens to me, if I am out without S, authorities know to look for S.

    I hadn't heard about the phone. Good idea! I will programme my phone this morning!

    Let's hope none of these measures are put into practice!!!

    Lots of love


  • Thanks for putting on this advise, I have been concerned about this subject and will take steps to get it sorted to help put my mind at rest. Xx

  • C is registered with SS as well. I've tested them out and it works. It wasn't planned but when I hurt my back and couldn't contact our sons, I phoned SS in agony, tears and desperation as I couldn't get myself dressed, let alone C. They sent a carer round to get him up and said they would arrange for him to go into a home for 2 weeks. It took a couple of days as they wanted him to go into one a 5 minute walk from home. I was so desperate, he could have gone anywhere. They sent carers in to get C up and one of our sons came 2 days running to help during the day. He spent 2 weeks in the care home and as it was close I was able to walk and spend time with him every day. Walking did me good, driving, sitting and lying down didn't. We already had night carers at this point but they left at 7 am and I got C up, showered and dressed. When he came back home, they told the night staff to stay an extra hour and get him up and ready for the day which they still do.

    I have a card in my purse and ICE numbers but they are my sons. I've told them what to do if the worse happens though. Hopefully it won't.


  • Is for the UK. We're in the US.


  • We are left out in the cold again.:(

  • Maybe , but you (in US) seem to have a lot more choice but it costs, we have limited choice depends on local authorities and as tax paid for, a lot of burocrasy and inefficiency. Though your freedom puts a lot more on your shoulders to get the best.

    Sorry about spelling sitting in pub on 2nd pint and realising not used to alcohol another PSP carer loss (tolerance to beer).

    Best wishes Tim

  • I just wondered since I have never been fortunate enough to visit there, do most of your pubs have pianos and singing? Possibly I have been watching too many old movies.

  • This pub is old style , music is radio piped but very low so conversations more interesting to earwig. Though more languages than I'm used to. Traditional decor and good beer not keg lager, similar to the bars on the dock at Portland Maine.but smaller.

    Best wishes Tim

  • Ah, I am almost there.:)

  • Your impression of a London pub would be added to as it is raining outside and people running by umbrellas up and scurrying into each other while black cabs cruise by splashing unsuspecting pedestrians.


  • That is even better. I like watching the rain. It has finally cooled off here and I am enjoying the rain pelting the library window at work.

  • Yes that's London! Oh and the policemen have those cool looking hats and nightsticks. Oh and don't forget the striped crosswalks that Ringo John Paul and George cross while sauntering around about! :)

  • Tim, I realise that you love us lots and lots! But honestly, there are better things to do! Get your drinking boots on properly, for one!!!

    Oh, to be sat there with you, only having to worry about my bladder and not the three that I have to now!!!

    Enjoy your break and the third pint!!!

    Lots of love


  • Oh Heady, it is sad but I am not used to being on my own ( that sounds worse than I meant) its nice to express my feelings I agree I need the 3rd/4th pint but am concerned I will sleep through The Barber of Seville tonight.

    I would love to be able to sit in a pub with everyone and share a beer/wine and beef off about PSP, condescending professionals, our partners, stupid politicians etc.

    May be I'll try and join the virtual party next week.

    Yes Heady I will sign off and watch and listen to the world rush by and get a Chinese in China Town before the show. Oh by the way Gypsy was great Imelda Staughton delivered.

    Best wishes Tim

  • Good for you Tim, have or hope you had fun !

  • We're trapped in this PSP world, aren't we ?

    Seeing couples talking upsets me. I'm fine with my own company but when socialising can't get used to being non-Chris.

    Hope you got plenty of sleep.

    Did Mozart amuse ?

    love, Jean x

  • Imelda Staunton? Oh, she is wonderful on film. This was a stage show?

    How was the opera? Did you stay awake?

  • Hahaha oh Heady you're funny...How is yuor dogs bladder, does it know how to use it properly yet?


  • Yes, thank goodness! But still have to think if he needs to empty it! Don't need to tell you who coming last in the "peeing" order in our house!!!

    Lots of love


  • There's over 20 dogs in our neighborhood. If I'm going to take dog out I have to settle dad in or make sure he is not awake before we go and meet the neighbors hopefully we can take a quic walk between everybody elses... ;(? <tongue wagging, i suppose aha

  • too late I suppose to ask for a half pint for me!...I'm not supposed to drink.....It's been a blessing not to but maybe I can live vicariously eh? Anyway.the states don't have alot of what you talk about but you are right, we keep alot more of our earnings as well.....course when you make less than two gallons a milk and a gallon of gas an hour, you can't get much in the way of long term medical care! Or urgent care! It

    's sad to see families waiting for help in the ER.....colds upset stomach sprianed arms.......they don't have a doctor....Though Obama care is trying to remedy that and B has insurance for the first time in our married life~We are still waiting for the speech lady to call ...that's been about 3 weeks! And it's just dad and me no one comes in day or night....we don't need it yet.....

    I have plummeted as to the thought of what will B do if I'm the one who dies first! Oh God!

    What do we folks in the US have? If anyone know , please tell me?


    Sorry If you already have told me , my memory is uhm I don't have much of a much of a....that thing that helps you to recall stuff.....mammary....yah...no...don't have much of that either hahahaha


  • Sorry AVB I've had the half pint and moving on. understand what Obhama is trying to do but hopefully will avoid the burocratic mess we have.

    Though reliance on insurance companies could be worse as I found out when someone drove into our car while ramp down for M's wheelchair their fault they paid but my premiums went through the roof. so probably same for health insurance, something never had to worry about in Uk though 10% tax on earnings for national insurance seemed high at time.

    Best wishes Tim

  • No need to answer Tim, but it's true that if we have to use car insurance, it goes up. When teaching my insurance never went up for using it. And now Obama care seems to do the same. I do worry that we (US) won't have the money to pay for research. Or the Drs. exorbitant bill. What a terrible shame my dr. will have to live next door to me deplete of swimming pools and golf courses..... ;) Funny you're going to see the Barber...I just got back from there only she the woman who cuts my hair....I look like a man but since don't have much memories....or is it that other thing....you know with the glands... anyway .... who cares???? hahaha


  • Hi I have not thought about this (must be superman syndrome, I'm never ill, oh how I can con myself). Better sort something out before it happens. CHC rules out local authorities Social Services in Wales anyway will discuss with DN what happens, on return from London.

    Thanks for the heads up Tim

  • Very useful, thank you.x

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