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I have read an article about DDT and how there is real concern that it could be the cause if a lot of neurological conditions. It seems even after it's use was stopped it was still in he ground as DDE and so it is under investigation as a cause if Altezimers but also other neurological conditions. Just thought you might like to investigate it. Haven't a clue how to put a link on here so you will have to Google it.

Marie x

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I had heard similar things Marie. Billy was brought up in rural Ireland, and recalled well walking behind the tractors as they sprayed the fields with pesticides. They did this on a regular basis, from a very young age, as it earnt a few pennies for the families, it was common to go to the farms straight from school, all through the growing season. He said no one ever considered it dangerous, although the children would be wet by the time they’d finished, and that you could actually taste it. He, his brothers and sisters, and all the children in the neighbourhood did this on a regular basis, as they grew up.

However, he is the only one of many to have had a neurological problem. His being MSA rather than PSP. As far as I can gather, research has as yet found no link to pesticides and neurological conditions.

Hope this finds you well. Regards Beverley


OMG firs t of all I am so sorry that our ignorance and big business allowed for such an experience. Secondly stepping back from the emotional....some grad student would have one heck of a thesis! The medical physical psychological ramifications of life behind a fertilizer tractor....etc Surely there is research to be had there.... I mean your husband surely is one who proves (that we know of) PSP is not triggered by these chemicals...moving on



Larry grew up south a Pittsburgh PA with steel mills and coal mine pollution. His father seems to have had some kind of neurological condition I now realize in hindsight. His cousin died last May of another neurological condition. Think environment factors played into all their conditions.


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