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CBD and fits

Currently sitting in A and E, Mum has cbd and her second fit, first in was this time last year. Luckily she is in a home now so she was looked after and brought her to hospital. Waiting for bloods and brain scan to be done. The strange thing is I had a dream last night about my mum and she was touching my face as if she had passed. It was so vivid I woke up. Then when I got to work I got the phone call from the nursing home, so I panicked as you can imagine. I thought it was a premonition . I do fear Tahoe is getting worse and deterioratied so much in 12 months. I have piano for her health and the Dr has asked her about the peg and is unsure. We don’t know what to do?

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It is a hard decision to make. My husband spoke about it when he was able to talk and eat. He was adamant he didn't want one. Others have had them and have gained extra time with their loved one. Others have had them and they haven't worked for whatever reason.

Sorry that is not a great help really? It is hard whatever decision you take.

I hope your Mum soon recovers from the fit but bear in mind as this is progressive it will probably bring her down another level. Have you seen the Neurologist? I think he/she might be better able to help you make this decision.

Good luck and hugs to you.

Marie x


Thanks for your reply. Yes I expect she will get worse, just been told she has an infection so this will probably knock her for six. When Mum was well she said she didn’t want the peg but now that we are nearing having to make a decision it’s a different matter. We shall have to wait and see x


My Mum also has CBD and also has had two seizures, one in February and one in September. She is now on epilepsy medication. Both times her temperature shot up a few hours after the seizure and was treated with antibiotics for UTi as sample couldn't be taken reliably at the time. They both have progressed the CBD on, the first seizure was though more severe than the second.

We didn't go to hospital with the 2nd seizure as she hates hospitals and doesn't want to go again.

The PEG decision is hard , one not had to make yet but as she hates hospitals I'm assuming it will be a no decision from her. It is individual and the neurologist is probably best to give you opinion on what stage your Mum is act and if would be beneficial for her.

Hope the infection clears soon for her.

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My wife had fits, it could have been caused by pain from kidney or gall stones and uti, but epilepsy medication keeps them at bay. She has also had a peg fitted and has not had a uti or hospital visit for 21 months. A hard decision to make but my old bat is still keeping me right.

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