Getting geared up for the holiday of a Canada!!!

Hi there all my fellow members of this fabulous website! Well, as the headline has stated my husband and I are gearing up for a fantastic holiday over in Canada starting in April 2017........... and so I was wondering if anyone on this website happens to live in Canada in particular, Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver????/These are the places where we will be spending the most of our time away - and if it wasn't for leaving our pussycat, (Sooty), I would be in 7th heaven about now!!

If anyone is particularly interested in our itinerary I will be more than happy to elaborate but I didn't want to bore you all!!!!

Cheers and love


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  • Wow have a lovely time in Canada, really feel jealous xxxxxx

  • Sounds absolutely fabadooka!!! X

  • Enjoy enjoy enjoy. xxx

  • Hi, that's brilliant. Have a wonderful time.

    Lots of love


  • Hi BindiLeech I live about half an hour from Toronto, I will be travelling that month however. Let me know when your coming ans where you are statying and if I am in town I would love to meet up


  • Hi pzagy, where a outs do you live ? Ljingles

  • Well if you fall out of Canada and into America, It's just a 16 hour jaunt from Toronto to our house.....My house is a mess and I have no food but otherwise you always welcome....hahahaha


  • Oh, you will love it.

    Canada and the Canadians are wonderful... The food (trad and multi ethnic +++) is great too... I nearly emigrated to Vancouver... The best city I have lived in anywhere along with Edinburgh ;)

    You lucky devils :)

  • Well Kevin_1, we are also hoping to come over to your neck of the woods next year (if my health behaves itself!!!!!). we are thinking about later May - what are your thoughts?? Obviously we would be starting out in England and then we are hoping to move around to each of the British Isles countries. Again I am getting quite excited about even beginning to think about that little trip!!!!

    Talk soon

    Cheers Bindi

  • Go for it Bindi!

    My thoughts are if you are not on a tour get a tour book, software or whatever. The UK is small enough that you can see pretty everything you like, but there is so much crammed in I wouldn't know where to start.

    Enjoy your trip

    Talk soon




  • Hi y'all for posting your thoughts etc - actually it has been about 34 years since I was last in Canada - it was with my first husband and we lived in Burlington (3/4 hour out of Toronto). we did a wee bit of travelling around whilst there so I have already seen Montreal, Vancouver and Victoria - having said that though, I am so excited about going over again!!! and of course this time it will be very different for me!!!! as we are doing a cruise and also taking the Rocky Mountaineer on a tour also. x x x x x x x x xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x x x x x x x xxxx

  • Hi bindi. Have a fabulous time. I had a lovely holiday in Canada. Vancouver and vancouver island are great. Did some whale watching. I went on the rocky mountaineer train to calgary for the stampede. Then did quebec, Toronto, niagara falls and home via Boston. Beautiful country. Stunning scenery. You'll both love it. All the best. A photo would be nice. Marie

  • hi bindi

    where are u starting fm,??x

    cos i have spent some wonderful hols, in Canada

    lol jill


  • Hi Bindi... I'm from Toronto, Ontario originally but now live in the small town of Ayr, On, southwest of Toronto. I'd be happy to hear about your plans when you visit TO.

  • Hi Bindi,. Great that you have a wonderful holiday to Canada booked. I would just love to hear your itinerary. Look forward to a goo read . . . Ljingles

  • I live North of Toronto. Yes do pass on your travel plans.

  • Hi there again all my wonderful friends on this fabulous website - well, because so many of you have expressed an interest in knowing our itinerary, I thought I would let you know what we are doing.

    18th April: We are flying Air Canada from Brisbane to Vancouver - due to arrive 7:15am (even though we left BNE at 10:40 am on the same day!).

    18th April: Leaving Vancouver 10:45am and arrive in Toronto at 6:05pm. We have not got any definite plans as yet for Toronto as they are still in the pipeline but we are meeting up with a very neat friend (who lives 2hours North of Montreal in a town called Rawdon), who is driving over to meet us and then driving us back to Rawdon for her 70th birthday which we are helping her to celebrate on April 29th.

    10th May: Leaving Montreal (on Air Canada again!!) at 7:35am and flying into Vancouver (again!!) but then we are flying over to Vancouver Island at 11:39 the same day. The reason - to meet up with our tour people_ yay!!!!!!

    From this point we are now officially on tour although having said that we are also in Victoria for the first two nights and then in Vancouver for the last night of the cruise will be the night of May 30th. Then on MAY 31st, we leave the ship and apparently because our flight back to Brisbane does not leave until 11;55pm (OUCH!!), we can also check into a Fairmont hotel, which I understand is somewhere close to the airport.

    Anyway, so that is it!!!! I am so looking forward to every part of this wonderful trip but I must admit that I am also pacing myself. So if any of you are in Vancouver or Toronto or Montreal during our time over in your wonderful country, please give me a heads up and I am sure that we can arrange something between us.


    Bindi x x x x x x x x x xx

  • If you have the time, you might want to check out Ottawa, which is just about 2 hours west of Montreal. It could be nice, it could be covered in snow, but there's a lot to see and do here. (and if you're lucky and it's an earlier warm spring the tulips may be out, but that's always a bit hit or miss).

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