A previous poster mentioned taking lots of photos so I thought I'd share this one of W with his grandchildren taken last week. Joe in the green t-shirt and Imogen in the peach were with us for 2 weeks from Australia the other 2 little ones I get to look after every Friday after school. The girls are 6yrs and the boys are 4yrs. Thankfully my two son in laws were there to get W back up on his feet!

Nanny857 x

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  • Lovely photo, grandchildren are the best thing ever, make the house come alive xxxx

  • They certainly bring life into the house Yvonne and plenty of noise but I wouldn't have it any other way. x

  • Brilliant photo, thank you for sharing! A beautiful memory!! X

  • Thanks Amanda, hope your dad is keeping as well as can be expected and your mum recovering well. xx

  • Thanks darling, yeah all as ok as everything can be x

  • What a beautiful photo. Whilst we battle this horrible disease we can still create wonderful memories. A sunny day and 4 beautiful grandchildren fab combination.

    May you make many more happy memories


  • Thanks C. It was a lovely family day out. Great play park for kids, a reptile house where the children got to touch snakes, picnic in the sunshine, beautiful scenic walks along the Lough and caught a ferry ride home. Unfortunately W is no longer able to do the walks, but still enjoyed the day. x

  • AMEN!

  • Thank you for sharing a gorgeous photo!! That looked a lovely day spent with your grandchildren x

  • It was a great day having all the family together. Unfortunately eldest daughter now lives in Australia so all the more reason to treasure this day. x

  • What a happy photo. Happy times can still happen with PSP and photos like these keep those times alive. I hope you have many more.


  • Thanks NannaB, I hope so too. How are you keeping? xx

  • I am doing OK thanks. Of course I have my moments. On Sunday I saw two of our grandsons in a production on stage in Brighton. The 10 year old sang a solo and as Colin had been to the productions every year for the last 6 years, it brought a tear to my eyes as I thought of him sitting next to me in his wheelchair crying his eyes out watching the shows. It's mainly music that does it but most of the time I am thoroughly enjoying life, making the most of every moment. My youngest son, who works locally, often calls by but I'm rarely in. A couple of weeks ago my brother saw him in town and asked him if he knew if I was in as he was going to call. Glenn got out his mobile phone, looked at it and told him I wasn't. Apparently the last time he popped round, he took a photo of my calendar to avoid wasted journeys in the future. I thought that was very funny. On Thursday I'm flying to Canada to visit an 83 year old relative. Totally out of my comfort zone....I don't do lone travel and have to take a small plane to Vancouver Island as well. Very scary but I'm sure I'll get there.

    Continue to enjoy your grandchildren. Two of mine are sleeping here tonight and here all day tomorrow so I'd better get my case packed. I've booked a cinema trip to try and keep them out of the house a bit. I don't want to leave it looking like a disaster zone as my elder brother and his family are staying here while I'm away so they can spend time with the one who lives nearby.

    Take care.

    Lots of love

    Bev aka Nanna B


  • Boy do you have a busy schedule. I'm sure it is very emotional doing things now on your own that you and Colin enjoyed together.

    You will be alright on your flight. I had to travel to Australia on my own and i too was out of my comfort zone, was scared but thankfully everything went smoothly. I just kept listening intently to any announcements and hoped for the best. I'm sure you will be fine. Fill us in when you return. You have a clever son taking a copy of your calendar. Enjoy the grandchildren, I'm looking after our 2 on Thurs and Fri although Olivia has ballet school both days so will mostly be just Matthew.

    Enjoy visiting your aunt. Safe journey. Lots of love xx

  • ❤️XxxX

  • Gorgeous photo. A definite memory or for a frame.

  • Definitely destined for a frame Duffers. xx

  • Precious photo 🙏💛

  • Very previous Althea, as we don't know when we will all be together again. xc

  • Wonderful.

  • Thanks Daddyt

  • How lovely. A precious memory.

    love, Jean x

  • Yes Jean very precious. It's great that the children have just accepted their Nanda can't run and play football with them like he use to. It's funny watching the 2 grandchildren we see every week 'helping' W as he gets up from his chair and the puzzled look on their faces when they can't make out what he is saying and they make him say it again and again.

    Hope I not speaking out of turn, how are you and Chris doing? xx

  • When Chris was at that stage our grandchildren were brilliant. It was as if they saw him as more childlike and they were amused by him. Now they are loving but a bit confused.

    We are doing alright but its a slow decline. Managing him physically is becoming more difficult but the worst thing is the non- communication. It feels very lonely. Then he manages to say something, always wants a kiss and tells me he loves me. He's still definitely " there ". They love him at the hospice as he is smiley and enjoys company.

    How are you ?

    love, Jean x

  • I'm ok. We have good days and bad days. Today was in between, W was stuffing his mouth again so I told him not to put so much on his fork as he might choke, then he was trailing his feet and I asked him to lift them so he wouldn't trip, that's when he told me to shut up! I said fine, do what you want and after that we had a time of silence. 🤐 Everything fine now. We are at our daughter's house now for 2 days looking after the grandchildren, should be lots of fun and laughs. xx

  • Sounds like us !! I always think that a bicker is like normality. Bickering and laughing is normal. Its the silence and blanking me that feels so alien.

    Being with small children relaxes the tension. Enjoy !


  • Lovely grandchildren make life worth living x x

  • They certainly do. I can notice a difference in W when they are with us. xx

  • Your husband looks robust and well.....and the grandbabies look like lots of fun! and it's so nice to have them around the same age they; are all experiencing everything for the same time together!

    Thank you for the lovely picture


  • Thanks AVB. I give thanks that he's still on his feet even though a bit unsteady and he can eat most things. His eyes give him problems, his speech has deteriorated and he is constantly tired and breathless but compared to others on this site and how far on they are on this terrible journey, I'm very blessed.

    How are you keeping? xx

  • Indeed!

  • I'm doing ok. I applied to a school district with about 20 elementary we'll see. It's jsut an aide job for now....not sure I want to go back to teaching I mean paperworking ;[ teaching!!!


  • Good luck. I know what you mean, my niece is a primary school teacher and the amount of paperwork she has to do is horrendous. School finishes at 3pm, she doesn't get leaving until 5.30pm and still has paperwork to do in the evenings at home. xx

  • sounds all too familiar... I am not kidding when I say that it is the aide who does the teaching....It is the teacher who assesses and creates goals and objectives and lesson plans but it is the aide who implements.....for now that's all I want to do....implement!


  • Quite right too. ❤️

  • I retired from being a classroom parapro!!! I loved it - I had a different job every year. At 3:15 - I could walk right out the door and not think about it until I came back in the morning!! I worked a lot in Special Education.

  • Oh such a glorious life...well maybe not glorious but how wonderful to go home not packing a suitcase full of papers...or more likely come home at 8 or 9 after I did SOME paper work......I just could not do it during the 8 hours during when I divide how much actual time I put by how much I was getting paid....I made about 11 dollars an hour....about how much a parapro makes here in Arkansas!



  • I have a daughter-in-law who spends sooooo much time on plans and paperwork after the kids leave.:(

  • Excuse my ignorance but was your Special Education children with a learning disability. My niece worked voluntarily during university holidays with them and loved it. Unfortunately there were no permanent vacancies when she graduated.

  • Yes, children with "different abilities" I had had a handicapped child of my own so had no fear and related well with often difficult parents in our district - I had some college under my belt and was paid well enough, but, ended up leaving to spend the next 15 years being a Granny Nanny to my own grandchildren!!!! Can't buy that anywhere!!!! Thanks for asking.

  • I agree Alicia, time with grandchildren is priceless.

  • Yes I was a special and elementary ed teacher. I love teaching...thats the problem, I spent my time with the kids in the day and spent half my night with the paperwork I said most teachers just do paperwork during class; give lesson plans to aide to go and work with the student....teacher does not have time for all the paper work needed of them.


  • yes I had a resource class but I also had severe kids who were in my class all day accept for therapies.

  • Lovely!

  • Thanks Joan xx

  • Love the picture.

  • Thanks Suelp. Hope to make lots more. xx

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