Humming bird MRI scan

If the humming bird is not showing on the mid brain scan does that mean that it is not PSP or is that just one of the pointers of PSP. All so confusing, thanks for your help.

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  • My hubby showed the humming bird but the neurologist told me, although he probably did have PSP, it could not be confirmed until post-mortem. C donated his brain for PSP research and I had the report back that he definitely had PSP. Although no medical person would give a definite diagnosis, the symptoms were typical of PSP so it was assumed that is what he had.


  • I was told by Dad's neurologist that all the diagnosis he gave were observational and that no definite diagnosis could be given, like NannaB said, until a brain autopsy was done. It is my understanding the hummingbird on an MRI MAY indicate PSP but it doesn't appear in all patients.


  • That's my understanding, too.

  • After W had a MRI and Datscan his neurologist told us he had PSP but the biggest telltale sign was W's eyes, his gaze, slow eye movement and blinking less than a normal person. However on his medical record he put PSP (probable).

  • What is humming bird, never heard of it ??

  • With some PSP patients, not sure about CBD etc, a MRI shows a "shading " that looks like a hummingbird. It appears in a certain area of the brain.


  • Thank you

  • As far as I can tell the hummingbird sign is just an indication of psp. on my last scan it was absent. but I think that the psp is still progression albeit very slowly. I do have noticeable troubles with my speech and freezing of gait. so I do fall about once a day i can't write any more either is most frustrating.

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