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feeling broken


It's been a bad day, week ,year. Finally bought a hospital bed for my guy.it is working better then I thought it would but it the dinamic of the change, so many changes. Daughter and I had major blow out today, not sure if repairable . I'm feeling so beaten. I know it should get better but when.

Time to Put on the headphone and listen to some crying songs and drink some wine and have a good cry.

Dee in BC

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Hope you feel better tomorrow and can sort things with your daughter.

Its so tough I know. Sometimes we just need to let ourselves cry. My trouble is stopping when I start !!

Big hug from Jean - 7.30 a.m. here in England.

Feeling sad for you, your daughter will be fine, it is the stress of PSP. When we feel better something else happens I suppose it is called PSP life? Sending you a big hug. Yvonne xxxx

The bed will be absolutely essential and you have done exactly the right thing . Staying one step ahead of this illness is a huge help as the changes can be quite sudden and unexpected . Drink the wine and have areally good cry .


George how are you doing, in my thoughts all the time. Sending you a big hug. Yvonne x

Feel unhappy that you had a 'bust up' with daughter and sincerely hope that you can both hug and be sorry together. PSP is a very a very lonely road to walk ..... hope the wine and music will make you feel better. Jx

Dear Dee, I hope the crying songs and wine helped. It is such a lonely road for everyone, carers and cared for. It's good you can share with us. We all understand. Love and hugs, and hope no headache this morning! Sarah


Thanks for all the messages, no headache.

I can do this,I keep telling myself.


easterncedar in reply to Hidden

Yes, you can. And it won't last forever, which is sadly no real comfort, is it? Double-edged sword. But what you have to do is try to pace yourself now. Tight hugs, ec

doglington in reply to Hidden

You can - but that doesn't mean its easy. We find strength to survive together.

love, Jean x

Have that cry darlin you deserve it. Good job getting a hospital bed . Sorry to hear about your daughter....I am NOT on her side....but I had to keep reminding myself that my daughter was going through this too with her daddy....It was so hard for her, she could not come and visit....am I making excuses...yes....she shouldve come over more often and give her daddy, her mom a hug... I hope and pray this sad experience will help her become more sympathetic to others needs....but right now she is in Europe running away from the pain.......daughters ....not everyone can have them like Georgepa's who actually took place on this site......


The sun will come out tomorrow. Hang in their tommorow is a new day . Nothing wrong with a good cry some times we need the release. Praying blessings for you. Love you Jenny

I am sure you will sort things with your daughter, I think PSP causes different strains depending on your role in the relationship and how much exposure you have. My mum is the main carer for my dad so she bears the daily 'brunt'. I do as much as I can but can 'walk' away as I have a full time job, family and house so other 'pulls' on my time - although I feel incredibly guilty at being able to walk away. The main carer is consumed on a daily basis - many days with little else to think about. We found our 'rhythm' and mum knows I am a call away - when she is having a weak day I am strong and vice versa. Sometimes we are weak together and have a good cry at the unfairness of it all. I really hope you and your daughter can both find your 'rhythm' as well, and you are strong, you will have a strength you never knew you had!

Take care, have a good cry, enjoy the wine, tomorrow is another day ........



It's a tough and lonely road and the strain is sometimes too much, I. Sure you will soon make amends with your daughter, remember that it's the disease that causes all of this pain and upset. The hospital bed will be worth its weight in gold, meanwhile have a good cry and enjoy the wine.

Love Kate. Xx

Hospital beds are a godsend. And yes it means things have changed but unfortunately necessary changes for you and your hubby to continue to be together. As for the blow out with your daughter im sure it will calm down given time. Im having the same problem with a son, but i think the problem is me and not PSP. I was very upset but life goes on so I've put it to the back of my mind so I can carry on. Be strong and God bless. Marie

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