Feeling Weary

Do you ever get up in the morning after an exhausting night's sleep and feel as though all the energy has been drained out of you ? There was nothing specifically awful about the day but I just couldn't think what to plan to eat for lunch and supper and I gazed mournfully at the breakfast washing up and wanted to throw all the crockery in the bin along with the cat .Fortunately she read my feelings and hurriedly disappeared to discuss her hard life with Baldrick ,the next-door cat . I found it a real struggle to go up to the local shop and the wheelchair seemed to weigh a ton and didn't want to go in the same direction as me . After lunch I thought things might improve as one of the carers was in (she's an ace ironer and I hate fitted sheets with a vengeance ) and I had three hours to do as I wanted. But I didn't really want to do anything so I forced myself to go and mend the leaking roof on my allotment shed . Bad idea - I managed to cut my hand on a piece of corrugated iron sheeting and whack my finger with my hammer .

As I stood on the roof of my shed I could see right down the valley and I watched with a horrid fascination as the blackest of black clouds sped unerringly up the valley to envelop me in a hailstorm . The hailstones rat tat tatted on the tin roof like so many military drummers beating out a tattoo .I looked down and wondered if I threw myself off the roof I would manage to break a leg and be rushed to hospital where I could lay back and be nurtured- what a blissful thought ! Then I realised the ambulance would have great difficulty in finding me and when they did I would probably be stuck on a trolley in A&E for hours then discharged and sent home and would still have to cook the *****y supper .So I went home and was thoroughly disagreeable to my poor wife that didn't make me feel any better either so I've gone to bed early with my book which incidentally I am NOT enjoying -so there !

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  • my my georgepa we are down today mate aren't we ]] you want to try and get out of bed the other side thats if the bed is not pushed against a wall then you will have problems my friend BUT just get up in the morning take a deep breath and say what a wonderful day it is just look past the brain or snow or whatever and its good to be alive I knows the road ia a long one mate but stick with it

    the cat will have to sort hes own problems out matey see yer

    take care oh forget the dishes just break them up peter jones queensland australia

  • all I hate to see a blank space before or after em mates so I have just filled it in peter jones queensland Australia

    no I am not going funny I have always been this way peter jones psp sufferer I rest my case

  • Down but not out Peter my old mate

  • good on ya george peter jones queensland Australia psp sufferer

  • After 2 1/2 hours sleep Saturday night and 4 hours last night I think we probably felt the same. I also had a Wonder Woman this afternoon to sit with Colin. She doesn't do anything but sit but oh the freedom to get out. I had a quick trip to the local supermarket where I nearly fell asleep standing at the checkout and then came home and put the shopping away. I only bought a few items and when they were put away I thought I must have left the dishwasher tablets at the supermarket. I hadn't......they were in the freezer. What did I do with the 3 hours I had left? I went to bed and think I fell asleep before my head touched the pillow. Bliss. When I woke up to the alarm and saw the sun still shining I thought of the pond pump I intended cleaning, the bird box I hoped to clear out for this year's brood, the bottles that needed recycling but oh how I enjoyed that sleep.

  • well nanna b I will take wonder woman off of your hands mate she was gorgeous !!!!!! but im glad you enjoyed your sleep mate it does wonders for people doesn't it especially if you put the dishwashing tablets in the freezer they do a good job in there matey

    just as long as colin never had them for ice blocks I don't know what you =call them over there and talking about colin how is he going ok I hope and is bright and shiny

    and has not been playing up ast all HAVE YOU COLIN well you two I will say see yer take care peter jones queensland Australia psp sufferer

  • Hi Peter Jones. Fortunately I found the dishwasher tablets soon after I put them in the freezer so Colin never got them in his G&T. Apart from keeping me up at the weekend he is doing OK. He is on steroids yet again so they make him a bit more alert during the day. He had a night nurse last night and slept right through til 6 a.m. He always keeps me up at weekends and when he could speak I asked him why he slept all night when a carer was sitting but kept me awake all night. His reply was, "Because I like seeing you in the night but don't want to see them". I should be pleased my darling husband wants to see me but running, walking, crawling up and down stairs all night does not result in the loving tender wife he wants.

    He is giving you the thumbs up Peter Jones.

    Take care, stay upright.

    Nanna B & Colin 👍👍

  • nana there is a chair,a regular kitchen chair ,in our bathroom I use to sit Madeline on after her shower,well yesterday when going in to use the toilet I found myself sitting on that chair instead of the bowl.....good thing I came to my senses ,!!!!! we,re all getting past worn out,Rollie

  • Whoops! Could have been nasty. Very pleased you came to your senses.


  • could have been BAD ....PSP affects all brains,.!!

  • Oh my goodness - that was me last week!! I had an awful time, really lost it on Saturday morning, but got a bit of sleep over the weekend and made one of my Welsh grandmother's recipes on Sunday and managed to fix the broken appliance and felt MUCH better last night. I wish you could have that bit of comfort, too, George. Thinking of you, Easterncedar

  • And after I wrote that rather upbeat note I came home to find my sweetheart trying, valiantly, to clean up a smashed side table and a broken glass. He said he wasn't hurt himself, but that only lasted 20 minutes or so before he started to seize up and groan. He's got another great knot on his back. On we go.

    So what would you do with your allotment, George, if the sun were shining and you had the time, and the repairs were all done? Do you usually have a good garden? I love gardening, but bought a house just as things were going south from which all the soil had been removed, which I didn't notice, as I bought it in January. Nothing but hard suffocating clay. Raised bed for the veggies, but the shrubberies are pretty sad. Oh well, it can be fixed, just time and labor and lots of compost, and peat and so on. If only I were 20 years younger, it would be such fun.

    Love and peace, ed

  • I attempt to grow vegetables , broad beans peas french beans onions lettuce beetroot tomatoes etc with varying degrees of disappointment . I have raspberries logan berries blackberries blueberries different types of apple and an apricot which I planted two years ago and proudly picked one fruit last year .Please don't let this be generally known but I go for the solitude , the view and the sounds of rooks , lambs and the hum of bees in my lavender as much as anything . Oh and as we have quite small courtyard garden I grow flowers for the house , sweet peas dahlias , gladioli daffodils and pinks . Its all a bit hit and miss but I enjoy it but haven't been able to spend as much time there as in the past . Keep persevering with yours - hard work when the soil is poor .

  • Not a good day? But you say it so well, Georgepa! I know that hailstorm you speak of! I was sitting with my dad in the living room, sorting out tons of old paperwork, well me going upstairs to his old office bringing load upon load downstairs and him doing the sorting! First it was sunny, then it was dark, then it was sunny again and then the whole sky opened to hail and I gave up switching on and off the lights! My dad couldn't look over his shoulder to the garden behind him to see the dancing bits of ice so I opened the curtains to the side window so he could see it there. We sat in wonder. Later I had to call his doctor for results of a blood test, everything is great except low levels of vitamin D. 'I guess he doesn't go out much' commented the doctor. Well, it has been winter! What a shocker!

    Please don't fall off the shed roof, you may just break your arm and how would you be able to write the funny but oh so truthful stories I am looking forward to read? What was the book you were reading?

    Hang in there!

    Lieve xx

  • Scarpetter by Patricia Cornell all a bit too forensic science in detail and not a lot actually happening Lieve . I am afraid I am addicted to a good crime thriller but maybe I should return to some of the classics . I have been meaning to re read The Heart Is a lonely Hunter so perhaps now is the time .

  • That sounds great! One on my list for sure. I bought To Kill a Mockingbird in September - I found it under my bed the other day :-)

  • Are you going to read the sequel ?

  • Well, since there is going to be one, I guess I will. Once I finish the original. First things first! I just saw very dark clouds arriving - I hope you're safely inside.

  • George now how you feel, remember the weather is going to get better, and we can spend a bit if time in the garden, the sun makes you feel better you don't have to iron sheets, and there is always paper plates that you don't need to wash, our get yourself a dish washer. Look after yourself no jumping of roofs hope today is better for you Yvonne xxxxxx

  • Good morning Georgepa, I hope you had a better night last night. How is your injured hand? I hope your tetanus jabs are up to date. Isn't it annoying having to think up what to eat every day? When our boys were small, every Saturday I cooked for 40 people, residents and staff at a care home. Friends used to ask me how on earth I did it but I found it so easy. I had huge saucepans, commercial size ovens and burners but the best thing was all the food was prepared and ready for me and I was told what to cook; no thinking to do. The only stress I had was getting it on the tables in serving dishes at 1 pm. The gong was sounded at 12.45 so everyone was seated by 12.50 for prayers and reflection. It was a home for retired missionaries. Someone would come to the kitchen just befor 1 to let me know it was time to bring the food through so my timing had to be exact. My first toad in the hole was a nightmare as I hadn't put the batter in the oven on time but I learnt from my mistake. I find it so much more annoying having to think of food I can liquidise and mash.

    Give up on the book if it doesn't get any better. Someone tried persuade me to download books onto my iPad and told me all the benefits. I decided against it as it is far less painful having a paperback land on my face when I fall asleep reading than having my iPad hit me in the eye.

    I hope today is a good one for you both.

  • NannaB, you have just made me laugh out loud - not that I would like you to be hit in the eye by an iPad but it was just the picture in my head!!

    I'm off to Devon this weekend, armed with food and supplies for Georgepa and will smack him soundly if he does too much!!!! x

  • Perhaps you should also take your dad a book he WILL enjoy.

    Your parents will be so pleased to see you. I wonder if dad will take you to the allotment to sort out the shed roof with him, or perhaps he has fixed it already with his cut hand and squashed thumb. I predict there will be a lot of laughter when you all get together.

    Have fun.


  • Oh no not another smacking!!!!!

  • Can't really remember what a good night is can you ? As for the book there is some very puritanical streak in me which says once you have started you have to finish - daft isn't it . As for I-pads I don't fancy them either as you can't tell how far into your book you are - bookmarks are so informative - I like to visually see how far I have got to go .

  • Georgpa I am so fortunate. We have a night nurse 5 nights a week, compliments of CHC so I do get about 5 hours most nights. The silly thing is, the staff are not allowed to use the hoist on their own so if Colin needs the toilet, the night staff have to wake me up to help them. I have to do it alone all day. The day sitters from a different company can use the hoist alone. I mustn't complain though as I well remember the years of very little sleep. Weekends It goes back to how it was, just me.

    For a while I belonged to a reading group where would discuss a book we had all read during the month. It got me reading many books I would never have picked up and reading all of them too the bitter end. All, that is, except Girl with a Pearl Earring by Tracy Chevalier. I gave up after the second chapter. I can't even remember why I didn't like it but was pleased to find that 3 of the 12 of us had done the same. Others raved about it. Give me a good murder mystery or interesting biography and I'm happy. I'm with you on bookmarks.

  • Your posts are so entertaining, wish i could write in such a descriptive manner in the face of adversity. Maybe you should write a book in your 'spare time' take years but would give you great satisfaction. Not really an entertaining situation we all find ourselves in, hope you have a better day today. Katie

  • I agree Katie, I think he would write a wonderful book - we just have to keep him awake long enough to write it!!!!!

  • Georgepa...almost every 2nd day !!!!!

  • I love you Dad, see you Thursday armed with goodies!!!!! xx

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