What has happened to Daily Post?

Dear all

Am I the only one who no longer gets Daily Digests? All I have is a constant advert to download an Apple app. Firstly I don't have an iPhone and secondly it is driving me mad! Just for good measure I read the privacy policy and was not impressed with Apple! They want to know all your details and it is very intrusive. Is it just me? Someone else noticed the Facebook and Twitter logo's on the normal site we used. I have to say I have never noticed them before but again I thought this site was private?

Marie x

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  • I've got Facebook and twitter on my page too. Never noticed them before this. Never use either from this site anyway.

    Maybe check with admin.


    Jen xxx

  • Good luck. Can you share what they say with the rest of us? I would hate for people to feel their information was put on Facebook or Twitter! It is meant to be a private site? Or if it's not it should be? A lot of very sensitive things discussed on here?

    Marie x

  • Marie if it helps, but I do have an iPhone, I go to google and just type health unlocked Psp

    This can be done on a computer then read through

    Any help? X

  • Satt it's worrying me even more now! The fact that anyone can do that and end up reading people's posts is quite scary! I think I am going to change my settings so that only those following me can read what I post.

    It doesn't help with the Daily Digest either as the advert is there no matter what you do and presumably collecting names and locations etc? One of the reasons I don't use Facebook or Twitter! Meanwhile both of their logo's have vanished!! How creepy is that? Follow me if you haven't already! 😣

    Marie x

  • Satt...it seems whoever sends the initial post has a Twitter and Facebook logo attached. Others who reply don't! However presumably their replies can be sent to Facebook and Twitter? I assume the person who posts something is in the same position? I have no idea why anyone would want to do that but presumably this means the site is not secure unless you use a PM? I find that very worrying.

    Marie x

  • Marie

    This is my take on things....if you write/post anywhere on the internet anyone can view!! So following not following as far as I can see won't make any odds.....think of it like this, who'll be interested? Only our Psp friends that we call family, anyone else, is irrelevant x

  • I don't have Twitter, but I did find out about this group on Facebook and joined through a link. (Best group I have joined.) However I don't get any posts on my regular Facebook feed, I only know about conversations through the daily email. Any time I want to look at this site I have to log in, also when I comment or like anything on here, it does not go into my regular Facebook feed and none of my Facebook friends can read it or even know I am a member of it. I think only members can read the posts, so only vulnerable to someone pretending to have a reason and joining the group to find info which seems less likely. I am happy to trust, and I have all the safety precautions on my Facebook profile so people can't find out about me if they are not someone I actually know!

  • JA10 thank you for your reassurances. I was seriously worried that it was so easy to read posts via google too. It is incredibly hard to keep up with what the latest trends are. Especially as I don't have a Facebook account or use Twitter. Not enough hours in the day!

    Marie x

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