3 days home

Hi all

Well archie has been home 3 days and the dreaded infection has got hold again speech crap unsteady and wobbly when being moved breathing not good started antibiotics and see what that brings

I cannot help him at all as my breathing is crap too my sats are 88/103 so let the fun begin when no carers here

I thought at least we might of got a bit longer before things started up again How wrong I was

Sue xx

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  • So sorry, Sue. How disappointing.

    Hope things improve.

    Big hug from Jean x

  • Thanks jean

    I've to see how he goes now and hopefully keep him out of hospital

    Sue xx

  • I hope you manage that.

    Jean xxx

  • Oh Sue I am so sorry. You were so looking forward to having him home. What kind of infection has Archie got Sue?

    His speech will get worse though. So will the standing until he can no longer do it. The more worrying thing is his breathing.

    You have carers tonight I hope and tomorrow morning? Don't attempt to move him alone Sue. You are not in any condition to do that.

    I am really sorry that things have gone pear shaped so soon.

    Lots of love.

    Marie x

  • Hi Marie

    Not sure I think it's more chest but I spoke to dr and started him on antibiotics which cover chest and urine .Yeah his speak has got worst while he's been in hospital .

    Carers are coming at 8.15 for 1 hr then they are here 9/2 tomorrow for 1st visit

    Matron is coming to see both of us in morning so just have to see how things go.

    Sue xx

  • Good luck to you both Sue.

    Marie x

  • Thanks Marie


  • Hugs 🤗 xxx

  • Thanks tilleyhugs

    Sue xx

  • So sorry Sue, sending you love and big hugs.

    It's my birthday today, so hard and strange without Keith, but I suppose I'll have to get used to it, the first anniversary of everything is going to be tough, 49 years with Keith and the first time without a card from him, I nearly got one out of the cupboard from a previous year but couldn't do it!

    Thinking of you both....Pat xx

  • Aww Pat, so very difficult and so so sad! However I do hope you manage to do a lil something nice for your birthday?! Much love x

  • Thank you pat

    And a very big happy birthday with love to you

    Sue xx

  • Happy Birthday, Pat.

    I hope you manage to have a good but different day. Its really hard the first anniversaries without him, I know.

    Big hug from Jean xx

  • Pat

    Happy Birthday! Sad as it will be for you I know. As you say the first Anniversary of everything will be hard. I found Garry's birthday very difficult. Now I have my daughter fretting over Father's Day! That is fast coming up? See how I am starting to worry about it? Yet I wasn't until my daughter got upset about it that I realised it was soon. I don't think anything will really change but the first of everything must surely be the hardest?

    Sorry for hijacking your post Sue!

    Marie x

  • Oh that's a shame, it's very hard to be without someone you have spent a lifetime together. Hugs and kisses for your birthday and hopefully you do something nice.x

  • I'm sorry Sue, like I keep saying nothing about Psp is easy, and just when you think everything is ok, wham, here we go again! Sending lots of love to you both x

  • Morning Amanda

    Thanks for that

    Yes unfortunately never a dull moment with this damn illness and like all the carers on here

    we do what we can for them

    Hope your mum and dad are ok and you too

    Sending love

    Sue xx

  • Lots of love back Sue! How's things now? X

  • Hi Amanda

    He's not too bad matron called this morning and checked him out and I think we have managed to save him a trip to hospital with starting antibiotics yesterday

    I'm getting there slowly been nice cause carers have been here all day then coming back at 8

    Sue xx

  • One day at time sue! Pleased things settling x

  • Thank you

    Sue xx

  • Keep your chin up!

  • Hi Sue never a dull moment with this horrible disease.i hope things settle down. Big hugs xxxxRonnie

  • Is there no end to what this horrible disease throws at the sufferer and consequently the carer too. I hope the antibiotics do the trick Sue, you could do with a break from all of these crappy incidents associated with PSP.

    Sending you a big hug

    Kate xxxx

  • Thanks Kate

    I will eventually get a break but he's just come out of hospital after 11 weeks

    Sue xx

  • So sorry to hear that. Bloody infections. The bane of our lives. Hope antibiotics kick in quickly. Good luck. Marie

  • Thanks Marie

    Sue xx

  • Ugh! I don't even know what to say about everything this horrible disease does to everyone involved. Hugs and prayers that you both feel better soon.

  • Thanks Lucy

    We are getting there again

    Sue xx

  • Dear sue I lift you and your precious husband up to you oh LORD ask that you send peace and mercy to them both renew Sues strength and her health in the name of Jesus Amen

  • Thank you jafarrar

    Sue x

  • Oh God this illness is tough on both of you. Xxxxx

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