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There is hope for us all!

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Check out the website We saw the whole riveting movie, Toxic Puzzle, a few nights ago ( it's first public screening), and there was a discussion afterwards by the movie maker, Paul Cox, and 3 of the research scientists and doctors involved. It is real - and a breakthrough for ALS and Alzheimer's and Parkinson's patients. Therefore, all neurodegenerative diseases including PSP.

This research concludes that the organism responsible is cynobacteria (blue green algae). This is present in many lakes and rivers, but also in the desert and some plants.

The research took many years and many well respected scientists from around the world (several in our community, Dartmouth College, which is why it was shown here).

The good news is that the foods that have been proven to boost the enzyme needed to combat it are common and easy to get. The ones I remember are coconut oil, sweet potatoes, soy, bacon, and most particularly a food supplement L-serine, which is available on line if not locally to you.

They are now recruiting early-onset Alzheimer's patients for a study on L-serine.

I don't believe you can see the whole documentary on line, but you can get a lot of information. It is very exciting - especially as the treatment is affordable and available and can't hurt to try. It may not be a cure, but should certainly slow things down and maybe halt the progression in early cases.

Our L-serine came yesterday, I ordered a bottle of pills and a bag of powder. The powder is bitter and sweet, but easy to take in a fruit smoothie. The pills might be easier for some. The bag says to take 1/2 rounded teaspoon daily as a supplement. A friend who asked the panel afterwards was told one tablespoon twice daily. So I will take the small dose and give my husband the big dose.

Here's hoping....!

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Good luck! It seems worth a try; and won't it be glorious if it works!

Too late for my dear man.

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Oh no. I'm so sorry.

I don't want to discourage anyone , but my husband took 6 grams (2 tsp) daily of L-serine for 1 1/2 months. I can't say it made a difference for him. Who knows...not enough? not long enough? I am willing to give it another try. I know they had a clinical trial going for ALS. Like with EC, perhaps he started too late in the progression. We got it online through Bulk Supplements. Also, he has been taking coconut oil for 5 years. I do love the line in the trailer that said, "When you are this sick, there is never too much hope."

6 weeks doesn't seem a very long trial...

You are right...It is not...I usually give something three months. I just ran out. I don't even know what to expect.

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Finoni in reply to Christine47

The problem we have is not knowing what the course of the disease will be, so we have no idea if we are slowing it down or not. The ALS patient in the film was able to go from being full time breathing assisted, to whole days without needing it at all - over some months. She did die in the end, so it was by no means a cure, but improved her quality of life for some time. the research was all focused on ALS, but there was an assumption that it should apply to other brain diseases.

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Christine47 in reply to Finoni

I see that I can watch the movie thru amazon. And I am certainly will to give it my husband again...this time in the dosage you mentioned. I will keep you posted.

At least there is no mention of mice...........

Do you know if the are using bovine serine or l-serine? We've been taking 9grams a day of l-serine for the last year with progression ongoing. Did they not just start phase two on als patients?

Other things to consider, sage oil, ceylon cinnamon, liquorice root extract, trazodone (anti depressants soon to be trailed on ad, pd etc), allicin (to fight colds, etc) probiotics.

Zinc also chelates BMAA.

Paul Cox website is

Thank you for this link. Do you know what date that was?

He did not mention a phase 2 for ALS, just the beginning of a trial for early diagnosed Alzheimer's patients.

He definitely said L-Serine, but I don't know how it was sourced.

I think one hope was that if someone has bio-markers indicating an inclination to get one of these diseases, they may be able to prevent it.

The good thing is that anyone can give it a try quite easily. A few changes or additions to the diet may be preventative to the caregiver even if it's too late for the patient.

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