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Yeaaaaaaaah My daughter is going to visit Dad ☺

My daughter wrote this post all on her own .

We spoke again when she got in from school .

She looked at me and smiled and gave me the biggest hug and said to my amazement 'I'll do anything to make Grandpa smile .

I'm soooooo proud of her finally come round .These are here own words and she wrote this as follows..........

It will make his day. I can not wait to see him but most importantly his smile on his beautiful face. I haven't seen him for some long because I was sad but now I feel stronger and feel eager to see him and comfort him. I love him dearly and I always will.☺

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That is so touching, I presume she is a teenager and finding it difficult to come to terms with her grandfathers condition. How lovely she is mature enough to face up to reality and give him the love he deserves, well done to your daughter you should be proud.

Love Kate xxx


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