We paid private to go and see a doctor, because CHC are asking for a cognitive report, doctor at the hospital, was very nice, he had heard about PSP, took some of the letters with us, he said with these letters you have, you should get the CHC, he said you have this letter from the professor at the hospital, quite clearly you should get it, he said it was like getting a report from the Professor at the hospital, then asking for a nurse in the medical practice to write a report.

He is going to put in a covering letter how disgusted he is, that they made us spend money for the report, which is unnecessary. Our daughter said my mum could of used that money on my dads care, he said yes I agree with you.

What a waste of time. Oh well that's life. Love to you all Yvonne xxxxxxx

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  • Yvonne

    What rotten thing for them to make you do for no reason. Sorry it happened. Hopefully you will get the help you need. Keep us in the loop.

    Love back to you,

    Audrey xoxo

  • Oh Yvonne, as if you don't have enough to contend with. Big hug from Nanny xx

  • Maddening, but the doctor sounds like a trump, and that's a good person to have backing you up. Perhaps the next person won't have to work so hard, your having paved the way. Good luck and keep on keeping on. You're a trump, too, Yvonne. Best, ec

  • Hoping that having found this good doc that it will be the beginning of some real help. x

  • Thank you all looking forward to going away in the morning, not feeling bad at the moment, just tired xxxxxx

  • Here's hoping!


  • How many hoops do you have to jump through to get justice, it's a disgrace. Fingers crossed it works this time. Xx

  • Hi Yvonne, make sure you keep a copy of this letter. When this is over and they have finally awarded you CHC. Write a letter of complaint, to everyone you can think of, with a copy of this doctors report. Including the Prime Minster and his minsters!!!

    Enjoy your week away! Hope you come back well and truly rested.

    Lots of love


  • Here Here! make a copy of that letter for your own future use !!!!!

  • Thank you all going away in the morning xxxxxx

  • Maybe the CHC will reimburse you!? You might ask them for reimbursement or "How do I bill CHC for a mandatory test that they won't offer?"

    Good Luck


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