Preparing for your Continuing Health Care Assessment

Well we have just had a CHC Assessment - done by an agency on behalf of the Commissioners Board - The outcome is for L to go forward for a full review - L already receives CHC.

We made full notes of L's illness and needs before the assessment handed them to assessors. They were very pleased. It means they have all of the basic information and the interview is somewhat shorter, but crucially the proper CHC assessment is scored and doing this means that they have the information to get the points you need.

Think of everything that needs attention and list them as one word. Now go back and use those as headings and describe the persons needs is a few short sentences.

Add a section on who lives in the house and who is the carer and what thier needs are. It is OK to say if you are struggling to cope.

I've done a little proforma to help folk who want to go down this route.


It is may have irrelevant stuff in. Just delete those. I may be missing some of your areas. Just add them.

Ask for it to be put on file as a report and not a letter. This is important. It means it is easy to find when another clinician is looking at your case.

It does not matter if you don't do this... It just might help.

The other useful thing to give them are the most recent Neurology and Urology or other specialist letter to the G.P.

Good luck again.


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  • Forgive me for being thick, but why have you had this assessment if Liz already gets CHC?

    Lots of love


  • Not at all thick!

    It is just a mess!

    I replied to this one here.

    hope you don't mind the link.

    It's all a bit of a mess really.

    Lots of love



  • The missing link:

    You might want to skip the care planning part below the red line... That part is useful for the Care planning stage.

    But as NannaB said elsewhere the other way to go is to download their assessment tool and to complete it yourself and share it with them.

    It is not necessary to do any of this. You can just rely on the system mand appeal any decision.



  • Retrying link

    Go to the bottom of the menu and select 'continue without creating and account'

  • I like the part where you make a list and then write succinct info below. I wonder if I could get CHC...;)

  • Oh, I think so. Most of us carers would qualify on metal health grounds ;)

  • You aint kiddin"

  • In Wales CHC is reassessed 6 months after initial provision then annually. The first 6 month assessment was iffy but M tilted the decision by having a choking fit, social worker and assessor upped a couple of scores we retained it, she has now had an assessment now she is in nursing home again little difficulty. I agree with Kevin keep a diary of what is required for your dad care and nursing paint the picture as for a bad day not a normal day.

    Best of luck Tim

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