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CHC ......again!

Well we have submitted our complaint which is long and tedious but we have two allies. Bills neurologist and the community matron. Both reckon that if Bill does not get it then no one in our area will.

The whole process was flawed. I had less than two hours to read the paperwork. The CHC assessor barely spoke English and often did not understand my rather soft "Parkinson's" voice. No other experts were asked to give their opinion. Etc.etc.et c.

If anyone is interested I will keep you posted.

Love K. Xx

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Kathie did you not have anyone with you? If the person hardly spoke English, how is that fair? Life has already thrown all this horrible illness at us, where is the fairness in all this?

They are asking us for a psychiatric report, have had to refer George again to them, and I was told it could take 10 days, also emailed the doctor at the hospital to see if the can help with the report. Our CHC is also going on.

Kathie wishing you all the luck in the world, and pray that we all get it, because that is the way it should be. Get you MP involved, we should all go down to Downing Street, and protest, leave our partners down there to make a statement, we are saving the government millions.

Kathie send you a massive hug. And keeping everything crossed. I wonder how long you will have to wait? Love Yvonne xxxxxxxx


Hi Yvonne, read the Care to be different page NanBabs recommended. It says what they should concentrate on when assessing. You may find it interesting.



Our mental health professional was off sick so we had a social worker who had not seen either of us since February. There were two people from the CHC. One physio who admitted that Bill refused to wake up when she tried to assess him and a ward sister and me of course.

Thanks for asking. How far have you got with yours? Do you have someone to help you? Keep in touch.

Love Kathie xx


Kathie we have done all the assessments, from the time they were done things changed. Our community nurse is the best ever, and social worker is very nice. Things have changed so community nurse has to keep changing things, but seems to have taken for ever. So much stress, we could do without. We fingers crossed, now it all depends on the mental health assessment. Oh well one day at a time. Yvonne xxxx. Kathie keep us posted on how you are getting on. X


I'm interested. NanBabs recommended page is well worth reading.



Had a quick look, going to have another go in the morning so tired, it won't go in. Yvonne xxxxxxxxx


Don`t worry about it all `going in` , I`ve read it many, many times because there is so much to take in, but the message is clear, we must not be bullied by the officials.


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Hi. Chc is a nightmare. Ours was done whilst mum was in hospital with the ward sister and the hospital social worker. It was a stroke of luck that the consultant neurologist from the specialist hospital was in the building g at the same time and I managed to get him to come into the meeting to explain mum's condition (CBD). I'm not sure it would have been granted without this. You can go to appeal with this if it's not granted. A hideous process during the most distressing of times. I really hope you succeed x


Sorry just re read your post, missed off the top paragraph. I see you have re applied and got the specialists involved, good luck x


Your fate being in the hands of an assessment official with limited English is quite scary (to be as even handed as possible one has to say that being fluent in English does not necessarily lack of ability to understand and assess the issues. It is nevertheless very frustrating not being able to have a proper two way communication) We did not even see anybody from CHC.. and it was still approved (in Hampshire) Sandra is bedridden at home in a hospital bed,with CBD and six weeks of live in care for Sandra was funded while I underwent and recovered from knee replacement surgery in June/July... they have just agreed to the same process for my second knee op next month. It seems we have been very lucky but I have had stay

'on the case' at all times.. .....

no point in waiting for things to happen .. you have to be prepared to bend their ears ad nauseum ... I learned that the hard way. Graham


Thanks for that Graham. It is amazing how different the "assessments" can be. You would think that the processes would be similar but each area seems to do its own thing. When I had my big toe fused I got no free help at all admittedly it was only day surgery and "I can cope" as everyone tells me I can! I do intend to fight this one but I do need all the encouragement that I can get as my Parkinson's saps my energy and motivation and sometimes all I want to do is sit in a corner and cry.

Just heard that my DLA is to stop and I must reapply for PIP because I am 4 months too young. That is another 35 page form to fill in and a face to face interview. If they saw me in the morning getting out of bed they would give it to me there and then but once the medication kicks in I LOOK alright. Wish they could try being in my body for a week or so!

Thanks for the advice I will start 'bending ears'




Maybe, you should "forget" to take your pills, when you have the appointment!!! Or start calling Social services, saying you can't cope and your husband needs urgent respite, but that one, may blow up in your face! I would certainly be on the phone daily to your District Nurse, with "little" problems!

Or move to North Somerset, I found it very easy to get CHC, the only stumbling block is there IS no care, so I have funding, but nothing to spend it on!!! So still up the creek with no paddle!!!

Lots of love



I intend to miss at least 2 pills and I will be hobbling around like. A 90 year old which is how I am every morning.

What is the point of funding if there is no care? Do you get any help?




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