Peed off

Well still don't know if he's got carers they are going to think about it if they can do it

I'm a very strong person and after dealing with this crap for 3 yrs Im having a melt down I'm like a running tap .feel like I could just pack up and F off .i know I won't and I will fetch myself round again

And hopefully stronger

Sorry to moan and let's see what today is going to throw at me

Sue x

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  • It wears the strongest down. Tomorrow you will have a new determination because the more you are knocked down the harder you will fight back. It's draining and horrible to see the complacency that goes on when are loved ones are so ill .x

  • Thanks for that Doreen

    I'm like a ball throw it to the wall and bounces straight back

    I must admit I shouldn't of stepped out of the door today cause I let rip at one of the care workers at the hospital for doing something wrong so my gun was loaded and I didn't stop

    Needless to say I've been sent to Coventry lol

    Sue x

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