gaining weight as a carer

hey guys!

this is bit of a selfish post, more about me than my dad, but is it possible to lose weight whilst being a carer? i know everything is possible, but i think ever since my dads care has become more 24/7 i have put on a lot of weight. i suppose with staying home a lot of the time and the sleep deprivation, snacking at odd hours etc. Has anyone managed to lose weight whilst being a full time carer? It seems too difficult, already a lot of the time you feel like your lacking energy and then to diet and start going into a calorific deficit just seems like not a good idea. I try go to the gym and let of some steam, but I can only go to the gym if the situation at home allows me to and if my brother is free to look after dad while I'm out, plus a lot of the time i think the time I'm giving to going to the gym i could be applying in more other productive things, like trying to earn some extra money from home some how.

basically i think i want to know if others have done it then i can do it too, because right now I can't wear a lot of my old clothes, and i kinda feel gross, lol

excuse my poor grammar, i don't have time to sort out my grammar, lol


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  • Well I've lost wt. but I can see that not having a good routine can mess up your life....One of the things B did pre PSP days is not eating after 9.....He used to eat a big bowl of cereal before bed....that was cut out and he actually lost not so much putting yourself on a diet as perhaps a better schedule.....

    Just a thought by one who weighs less than 100lbs!


  • You definitely can. I had a few health problems myself and i decided that i needed to look after myself so that i could continue to look after my husband Les well and as long as possible. Since March 2015 i have lost 4.5 stone and feel so much more healthy and also better about myself which in turn puts me in a better frame of mind. I did it with slimming world and found i was eating more than before. Look up their website and see what the classes are like near you and perhaps someone can sit once a week like my daughter does or if not you can get the help online instead. I found it really easy to fit in. Good luck. xxx

  • Hey Mustafa, I totally understand! I've gained 1.5 stone since caring for my mum. Sleep deprivation, snacking due to tiredness, boredom, stress etc and no time or energy to exercise. I'm now trying to get help during the day so I can have time off to go the gym and being very mindful about what I'm eating. Less takeaways because too tired to cook and no midnight eating !!! Let me know how you get on! I'm just starting out !! Good luck

  • Hi Mustafa

    I too care for my Dad and up until 3 weeks was massively gaining weight, through basically being so fed up (and no doubt depressed) eating n drinking anything I could lay my hand on!

    Then......3 weeks ago I started a carers course at the local hospice (that my dad attends) the carers course concentrates a lot on the carers n it made me wake up n realise I MUST sort myself out, because 85% of my wardrobe doesn't fit!!

    I'm not going to the gym or taking any exercise apart from running round the house continually (I'm sure you know how it is)!

    I've lost about 5llb already!

    I want to lose another 14llb n I will!!

    I'm now focusing on my food intake, no alcohol (which can be trying) but I'm coping!

    Do it, cmon, focus, keep strong, lose that weight, you know you'll feel better n only YOU can do it!

    I read this n look at it often

    "You are not a dog! Don't reward yourself with food! (Lol)

    Good luck

    Let me know if you start a healthy eating plan!


  • Hi I have got hooked on Tunnocks Tea Cakes have eaten loads of them but as you say its out of boredom and I look in the mirror and see a fatter older version of myself dont get out enough terrible!!!!!

  • Maybe we should form our own on lions are red diet club,I too am finding it very difficult to loose weight, maybe not gain weight would be a better discription! I keep telling myself that I need to look after me, but I don't listen!

  • I'll try and take part, if you get it going!!! But not sure I have the strength at the moment. Although I am tons better, since my break, know it's only temporary and don't want to rock the boat, unnecessarily!!!

    Lots of love


  • I put on weight at first because we were going out to various tea shops every afternoon, but then I joined a gym, attended a couple of one hour body-pump classes per week, followed the four hour body plan (basically protein and salad) soon my weight was 8 stone and I was stronger than I had ever been.

  • Hi, know how you feel. For a long time time I have had to be on some sort of diet! I did manage to lose a stone right at the very beginning! since then it's slowly crept back on. Now know I need to start all over again. But the thought of struggling to keep off the nice things of life AND no wine, well I know I haven't the strength at the moment. Don't beat yourself up, there are only so many things a person can take on at one time and for me, dieting is one step too many.

    I suppose the secret is to try and not put anymore on!!! One less potato, half a spoon less of rice, low fat puds, cakes only on certain days. Dare I say it, wine only at weekends. Try and get out more for some exercise, walk faster, park in the furthest place in the car park, if you haven't got your Dad with you. Take him out more, for pleasure, instead of just doctors appointments. You know the sort of thing!

    Love Debbieann's suggestion!

    Lots of love


  • Try gin instead of wine loads less calories!!! that's my first tip for the 'cares diet club' don't know how that came out as lions are red!! and it was way too early for alcohol!!

    lots of love xxx

  • Mustafa since starting full time care 4 yr ago have put on over 2st. Since hitting 100kg(15s 10lb) after Christmas have tried to tackle the problem, by removing snacks, (my favourite being cheese and biscuits) reduced plate size, weighing all food and trying to note calories reduced weight increase but I need to increase exercise, which has almost ceased as M no longer able to be mobilised. Pushing wheelchair will be good exercise if this rain would stop so is housework but I find that boring. I even tried a personal trainer but the 2 I tried could not understand that we needed to do it inside and to stop if M needed attention. So back to trying to restart the Canadian Army 5bx I normally can manage a couple of weeks but then relapse. I think weight gain caused by loss of willpower because concentrating so much on my wife I have little left for myself.

    Best wishes and hope you find an answer.


  • same here! must be excersise intake ratio but i think as a looker afterer you fit cooking etc around a busy schedule. it would be good if more proactive stuff was given to us to keep us healthy to do the job!!!!

  • I have definitely gained weight, in the last couple of years especially. We go out for coffee.....and cake most days, I can no longer walk to the shops because I can't leave my husband longer than 15 minutes or so on his own so I use the car all the time.

    We eat breakfast, elevensees,lunch and then dinner and then when my husband is in bed (early) I end up snacking(comfort eating)!!! Who wouldn't put on weight??

    I use to walk, cycle,even sing and probably only ate half the calories...before all of this!

    Maybe if I ever get some help, I can get out a bit more and get some exercise.

    The other thing is that now that I am home more, I bake......there is always either Coffee and walnut cake, chocolate cake, fruit cake or scones in the house.My husband has such a sweet tooth now and visitors are plenty.........anyone fancy afternoon tea!


  • What the heck is a stone? You guys have the funniest words (your mum, the loo). But I just love reading them. 😀

    I actually went on a low-carb diet about a month after my wife had the PEG inserted. Within 6 months I had lost 75 pounds (and not the money type!). I've been able to keep it off for the past year. Prior to this, my wife and I ate out all the time and mostly fast food. Since she couldn't eat/swallow much, I often ate her leftovers. And I rarely exercised. Once she had her PEG and her feedings were basically taken care of, it was much easier for me to control my intake. And since I can't get out to a gym, I created my own home gym. I owe most of my new physique to using hand weights. I started out with 10 pounders (again, not money) and now I'm up to 25. I've already bought the 30 pound set, but not quite ready to graduate to them yet. I feel so much better. I went from a pant size of 42 down to a 34. Unfortunately I've had to buy all new clothes. And I've been donating all my old clothes to charity so I never go back there again. At my wife's current stage of PSP, I don't know how well the "old me" could handle her. Caregivers definitely need to take good care of themselves in order to be a better caregiver.

    So call your mum while you're sitting in the loo and tell her you're going to start working off a few stones. Cheers!


  • A stone is 14 pounds! Mum is mother! And the loo is a toilet!!! I thought you yanks could talk English!!!

    Lots of love


  • Good for you, Ketchupman. I have been meaning to work on the hand weights again, since the weakness in my arms and hands is making things harder all around. The shoulder injury and surgery knocked me back a long way. And losing body weight would help a lot, too. I think I'll take your example as inspiration!

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