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Hi: I'm new and looking for help removing mucous from my wife's throat. Earlier, while on this site, I read some results of others who had this condition and had used this machine to help. She had polio as an adult and the muscles in her throat are so weak she is restricted from taking anything orally. As a result, she has a peg tube after having lost weight down to mid 80's. Thanks for any help.

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Do ask her doctor about a suction machine; I don't see why this would'nt help but my husband did not have polio




Hi, first of all, sorry to hear about this - do ask a nurse to help you learn how to use the machine

But you will need to see if she is not too bothered by it - my dad used to hate it - I figured out a way to avoid deep throat suctioning by making sure he would like on his side with his mouth tilted downwards - the saliva would slide down the throat, to the inside of the cheek and I would suction it out gently - since PSP patients keep their mouths open, it gets very dry and you need to be careful you don't injure the throat or the inside of the cheeks or gums with the suction tube


V has just been fitted with a syringe driver which is loaded with Hyoscine and it has helped enormously with the secretion /mucous. She sleeps on her back and before it was the most disconcerting gurgle all night long but not any longer . It is not going to prolong life but she is more comfortable .


We have had such great results from atropine drops for the past 15 months or so that we hadn't needed the suction machine at all until a few days ago. The thick mucous at night is coming back. The suction machine does help, but it is hard to get to the awful goo, which he can't bring forward, without making my man gag, and he can't use the wand himself anymore. It's kind of nerve-wracking, but a relief for us both when his throat is cleared.

I hope you can find something that helps you and your wife.

Peace, ec



A company called Venture respiratory (in denver,co.)services dentist's offices and actually manufactures smaller self contained suction devices . Quit reasonable 1-3 hundred $$.You can get the portable tips 40 bucks for a hundred and get alot of the saliva and throat mucus out . They have a website and phone numbers to assist in the purchases ...hope this helps in solving your problem



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