Suction Pump

Suction Pump

Today the missing piece of the pump arrived and I had instructions on how to use it. The tube goes in front of Cs teeth and I can direct it into his cheek where saliva and yucky stuff gathers. It works really well especially when he coughs and can't get rid of what is produced. Thumbs went up when I asked him if he wants me to use it and again when I asked him if it helps. As well as a charger for home, there is also one for in the car. It is very noisy though. It's only day one but so far it has been a success.

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  • thats great for you nanna and colin good on the pair of you for trying these things I am glad it was a success;;;;;;; take care colin and nanna b

  • I wonder if you could put machine in a sound proofed box. Just cardboard and packing material cut the noise.....


  • I may try something. I'll have to read the instructions to see if, as it sucks in air, it gas to be well ventilated. I'll let you know.


  • Oh yah I'm sure if it sucks in it needs a has a place to blow out......hahaha this machine has all sorts of fodder for a comedy routine ...but I will be , try to be serious because for our men, it's no joke.... Love ya keep me going!



    We went through the comedy routine. I did tell him it may be handy for ear wax extraction, clearing the nose, belly button vacuuming and if he was constipated! He even managed to laugh. Love U 2


  • Oh and we may be needing that type of machine soon. Loud hacking trying to get whatevers in his throat out; we call it "hawking up a loogy" deep sticky mucus . I made a 'spitune ' of sorts from a converted milk jug. but it's still hard for him to produce all of the stuff from the throat and probably sinuses. So keep me up to date as to how its working. I talked to B about machine a week or so ago. Not gonna do it! But we'll see. maybe when he needs something more than an old plastic jug :>)?


  • well Done Deb , I am so glad you are finding it helpful .. I wonder if it might suit John.

    Is Colin droolomg a lot during the day . john does almost constantly .

  • Yes he produces loads. Obviously the pump can't be on all the time so I use it when he coughs or collects saliva in his cheeks. I've decided I will have to give him even more drink than usual given the amount of fluid he loses each day.


  • that's exactly like John is and I also worry about the amount of fluid loss and being able some days to keep him hydrated . I keep a drink at all times in front of him but usually have to offer the drink to him .

  • Colin has just taken 30 minutes to drink his morning cuppa with me holding the lidded cup with a straw. He is going to the hospice today so a break from feeding and watering for me. Full day planned, making the most of the break.

    Have a good day.


  • YAY, hope you are having a full and good day. I know Coling is also having a good day. Sometimes a break for them is just as needed!


  • Very full! Art class til 12 then picked up from home at 12.30 and treated to lunch with a friend. Dropped off at home at 3.15, pick up from Hospice at 3.30, home and transfer to chair by 4 pm and then straight out to patio where I could still see Colin to treat sections of a new arbour with wood preserver. In at 6.30, to prepare Cs meal, after 4 other breaks to sort C out. Just finished first course, pudding coming up then grilling salmon and throwing a salad together to share with a friend as we sit down together to watch a film ( in several sections of course as I never get to see anything without interruption). Oh I forgot, I will open a bottle of wine.

    And tomorrow.......I'll probably feel terrible and doze on and off all day, not hungover, just exhausted but worth every minute.


  • Some exhaustion is good eh?

  • 😴 💤💤


  • YES! The dr. says we lose a liter a day just sitting ! I cannot get B to drink a half a liter let alone a full you think flavoring it would be helpful?

  • Definately . in fact if I didn't flavour John food or drink he wouldn't drink or eat . we got through bottles of sweet chilli sauce . I know Salt isn't good for you . does that really matter now .

    I only use it with potatoes but I add extra for John ,I buy peach flavoured barley water to flavour his water . in a lidded mug with straw . thickened also

    do try making up things stronger you might find it make a big difference

  • do they pick Colin up or do you have to take him .

    does Colin fluctuate very much . john can . When I got up this morning I could mumbling . I bent over him and he was saying well done .

    I asked who he as talking to and he said Christine . he was telling her well done she had passed her exam . she is 49 now . Lol

  • Oh yah night time or EARLY morning , B's brain is in all sorts of modes from culling books to getting ready for church...on a Tuesday at 3 am, to telling the kids this and that....hahah it's funny after the fact....I'd like to be asleep during the fact!!!


  • I take and collect as twice a month I have an Art class and the couple of times they collected him, they were very late and I missed a lot of the lessons. Art is only twice a month but on the other Friday's I usually go somewhere so it's quicker for me to drop him off and go out straight from the Hospice. The only time Colin said anything strange was when he had the patches for reducing saliva. It was always at night.


  • Can Carers be trained to do suction?

  • Yes. The district nurse trained some of ours.


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