Review next week

Well went to see archie again today

Consultant came said that he's got care in place now so unfortunately for him I told him there's no package now in place so archie is staying till there is

Got told yesterday chc review would be in a months time so again told them no chance now it's next Tuesday on fast track

I also gave them a hundred page of psp

And told them to read it as they don't know about it

And one sent to chc what I was sent by Kevin so now it's my turn to put things on paper ready for Tuesday

I know this isn't plain sailing but at least a start

Sue x

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  • D***d good show.

    Stay in the driving seat eh?

    good luck to you both.



  • Thanks Kevin with the info you gave me I just went in straight away and just told them

    Sue x

  • Hi Sue

    This might be helpful to you.

    These are the assessment tools used.

    You will want to look at the Fast Track Tool obviously.

    However in addition reading the Framework which has the CHC Tool in it (and instructions on how it should be used) is also very informative.

    These frameworks are effectively the law to the NHS.

    There is nothing wrong with completing your own assessment and turning up with it. It is actually encouraged in the practice guidelines. It also means they pay good attention to an informed person and that you are both on the same page.

    Hope this all helps.



  • Brilliant Kevin thank you so much

    Sue x

  • Good luck. Waiting with baited breath !!

    Jean x

  • Thank you jean

    Sue x

  • GOOD 4 U SUE




  • Thank you Jill

    unfortunately for them I'm not afraid to open my mouth I'll rest my mouth till Tuesday now cause I'm preparing for it

    Sue x

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