Morning to each and everyone

Morning to all

Well Archie has finally been home a whole 2 weeks and he's not too bad

It's me that's now not well . I cannot do anything for him as my breathing is not good .

I cannot believe that CHC isn't the same throughout the country. Why it's so hard to get is unbelievable.We got full funding in April and since then we get 8 hrs a day x2 carers .On ASC we had 4hrs x2 carers what a difference it makes .

Monday the doctor came to see me and said that if I wasn't showing signs of improvement I would be in hospital well my reply no chance

I got in touch with CHC and low and behold we have been assessed to have night sitters they are ringing me today to finalise it.

I feel for everyone of you which are going through the process of voicing about CHC and that your results are good .stick at it with them and do whatever needs to be done to get this.

Hope your all ok and partners are doing ok too

Hugs and good luck to all

Sue x

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  • Bless you Sue! You simply MUST look after yourself! I know only too well if the main carer goes down then things change dramatically! Sending you both lots of love x

  • Hi Amanda

    Thank you and I will .hope all is well at your end

    Sue x

  • Thx Sue, yeah you know how it is, life is a struggle at times! But we have to keep on going! X

  • Amanda how are you doing, gone quiet on here, what's happened to us all xxxx

  • Sue I am sorry to hear that you are struggling. Very good news that you are going to have people in over night. I am really glad about that.

    Please take care oif yourself Sue. You have a man who needs you but you also need to be well for yourself. Sadly we sometimes lose sight of that?

    Fingers crossed that the cover St night will help you get better.

    Keep in touch?

    Marie x

  • Cheers Marie

    Yes it's confirmed now that we have night sits all the time so everything hopefully will go smoothly and it's the care company that see to him during the day so another bonus as we have got to know them

    Hope your ok too

    Sue xx

  • Surviving but very lonely. I can go an entire week without hearing from anyone or seeing anyone. It has really gotten to me at times.

    You just take care of yourself and looks like things are improving with night time sitters? Really glad for you.

    Marie x

  • Thank you Marie

    I in a way understand your feelings as with archie been in and out for 6 months it's like talking to myself . Mind you I get more sense that way as some of these professionals are crap

    You take care and try and get into a routine and try aand plan your day if possible

    Take care

    Sue x

  • Glad you got night sitters. I pray your health will improve take care of you too. May God heal you and send his piEce and mercy to your home . Amen

  • Great news Sue, I have the CHC guys in on Wednesday to finalise what measures they will put in place for us, don't think it will be the full whammy like you, just extended calls I think. Fingers crossed they will be generous.

    Love Kate xxx

  • Forgot to say hat I hope you get the treatment and care to get you back to fighting fit, look after yourself Sue.

    K xxxx

  • Do take care of yourself, so pleased to hear you are getting g a little more support. A good nights sleep that elusive thing for carets of PSP is so essential to health.


  • i agree with what has been said1

    lol jill,

    xxx andjjhugs 2 u both

  • Thank you Jill hope your doing ok

    Sue x

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