Back to me second home

Hi all

Well two weeks home and back again in hospital infection again . I'm so having doubts as to where I'm living these days

Sounds awful but Archie so doing my head in cause they aren't moving him yet so while I went outside they give him a buzzer and he's done nothing but press it till I have taken him off him

Oh the joys of what's happening with this damn disease

Sue xx

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  • Rubbish Sue, total rubbish!! You must feel like your going mad?!!! Hugs x

  • Ditto 💛🙏

  • Yeah I went mad years ago lol

    Sue xx

  • So sorry to hear he is in hospital again. Althea 💛🙏

  • What a night mare, Sue. I know I just feel like " Stop the world. I want to get off !!! "

    Want to join me ?

    But I can't abandon Chris !!! Its even more awful for him.

    Jean xx

  • Yeah be nice and I agree carnt leave them nobody to fight there corner

    Sue xx

  • I agree with you both, have to stay and fight for them, bloody PSP xxxxx

  • My love did the same!! When I asked why, he said he was turning something on and off. His other comment was that he wanted to see if the nurses were there!!! I liked that one!

    Does not solve the problem of how such a patient can call a nurse when he really needs one when they can't push the buzzer. Initially there were two people in the hospital room. I called the nurse for both people several times!

    Didn't help my friend either who was in a hospital ward in good nursing home in final stages of a brain tumour. She was also unable to push the button or call a nurse. She said the nights were aweful!

    So far, have not heard of any satisfactory solution, even regular nurse visits, since nurses can't guarantee such regularity.


    Jen xxx

  • Hi Jen

    He can still use the buzzer when I'm not there he is always pressing it

    Sue xx

  • Long may that continue.


    Jen xxx

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