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Its decision time this week

Hi all

Well this week has come for us to see if we pass for chc and also to get an idea when archie can come back home . Worked it out today out of 22weeks he has been home on and off 7 weeks . Since he's been in this time he went in for the peg doing and ended up getting 3 infections

I haven't told him yet that homecare has been set up again but they want training on feeds and medication through peg then it's all set up

So let's hope it's onwards and upwards this week

Sue x

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Good luck - You must miss him so much.

You have worked so hard to get him home.

Sending bows of respect and admiration to you.


Thank you Kevin

Yes even though he annoys me at times it's very quite here, cause when he is here we have carers 4 times a day which is 4 and half hours a day so there's always somebody in and out but that should change shortly

Hope you and your good lady are doing ok too

Sue xx


Yes, we have had a good day here. Liz is just a smidgen away from needing feeding. I am watching here trying to eat now. Heartbreaking.

Well her sweet is a chocolate flake... She never drops a crumb of that!

I do hope you get your man home soon. I know how much I have missed Liz when she has been in a nursing home.




Glad that you have had a good day together

Yes archie had to have thickened fluids and mushed food but as time went by they cares had to give him it,it took the carers over half hour to give him it and he loved chocolate but even chocolate buttons made his start choking so they went off the list and not he's definitely nbm

Sue x


i love chocolate too [it is good for the bowel]

;lol ji0ll xxxxx


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