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Hi there my father was diagnosed with P.S.P. roughly 4 years ago. He constantly complains of sore eyes from morning to night. We have tried various eye drops to no avail! Has anyone else had experience of this and could please give some advice? His quality of life due to the P.S.P is very poor but the pain in his eyes is making life almost unbearable !

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  • Hi Darell

    I don't know if you've tried carbomer eye drops but my partner suffers from sore eyes and dry eyes and it seems to work

    Hope you can sorted soon


  • My sweetheart was given prescription steroid drops, as he wasn't producing tears, and his eyes were dry and irritated. The drops did help. Fish oil capsules are good to add to his diet, too.

  • Eye drops and a very good pair of sunglasses. Sorry to say but it continues on. Dave complained of that for the last 5 years of life. At the last he could not see.

  • Agree with steroid eyedrops and wrap around sunshades from RNIB or a vision impairment shop. My wife had eye ache in mid stages of PSP, found a warm damp flannel over her eyes soothing. The eye drops will need a GP prescription but may be also worth getting an eye hospital appointment to check out the eyes little can be done but they have access to other meds.

  • My husband also suffers with sore eyes. He was prescribed steroid eye drops and also Bion drops to help with dry eye. They did help for a while but now don't really. For the last couple of years he sits with a handkerchief around his eyes. Although PSP has robbed him of most of his life , he says this eye problems are by far the worst. Sorry we can't help with this , but just know you are not alone


  • Every morning I wipe gently my partner's eyes with a moisturising make up wipe x

  • My husband has viscotears prescribed. Its a soothing gel.

  • Do as everyone says .. keep cleansing through. The day. Cold tea bags help soothe ..

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