My husband has recently developed very small pupils,the optician wondered if it is due to medication. Also he reaches for his sunglasses all the time and lying in bed covers his eyes he was diagnosed with PSP a few years back but this is new.Has anyone else found this?(this site so often answers questions I haven't evens asked)

Good luck to all PSP CBD and carers.

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  • Brian wears sun glasses all the time when I has not got them on he seems to squint a lot. Small pupils as well but not on any medication. In my opinion the pupils dilate to stop the light getting in like ours do in bright light. Janexx

  • Thanks Jane for the reply Good to know Des is not alone, this summer he hardly wanted to go into the garden even though it was a lovely summer.He preferred sitting indoors drawn curtains but the light on.I have worked in care homes (cooking) and I keep reflecting how a care worker would see his behaviour hopefully it won,t ever come to that.Thanks Pauline

  • Hi loppylugs5

    In PSP there is an area of the brain damaged that makes a nerve (called the oculomotor) malfunction. This affects the little muscles that make the eye voluntarily move up and down. So the name Progressive Supranuclear Palsy indicates that a sufferer cannot look up or down.

    This same nerve also controls the constriction of the pupils. So many sufferers will have abnormal pupil size. Many also become photophobic where they need to shield their eyes with sunglasses (and this condition is seen more in PSP than CBD and Parkinson's).

    (Some medications can cause dilation of the pupils, and medications like morphine and oxycodone type drugs cause constriction - small pupils).

    Hope this helps a bit



  • My husband too, wears sunglasses always outside when it's bright and sunny. He wears them inside also if the TV seems to bright. This has been a real problem for him for about the past 6 months. No medication he takes causes this, just PSP.


  • My guy has constricted pupils and is both over-sensitive to sunlight and finds dim light indoors impenetrable. I have to race around to switch on lights ahead of him as he goes, so he can navigate!

  • i too have a light problem for which i wear sun glasses but i dont think my pupils are any different - though i cannot see them so i will have to have my husband look at them for me !!

  • My husband are the opposite or at least have noticed recently . He has been quite delirious lately and not able to find the right words so it all comes out all over the place very difficult seeing people . always got curtains drawn but needs light to do anything . his puPils are larger and wide eyed .

  • My mother was hypersensitive to light as her PSP progressed. We found that wrap around sunglasses helped her significantly. She wore them most of the day when it was light in the house or we were outside. She had cataract surgery and had problems with any prescription she was given prior to being diagnosed with PSP. At one point in time she said she wanted to go back to the eye doctor to have her eyes rechecked. When I told her there was nothing the optometrist could do to correct her vision she commented, "You have got to be kidding me!" That was one of the last sentences she ever spoke which was well over a year prior to her death. She was an avid learner and a voracious reader so losing her ability to read was extremely difficult for her. We ended up having several people come to read books she was interested in which was enjoyable for her.

  • Like your Mum Des has always been reading,often non fiction and History has been a big interest. He still comes out with odd bits of obscure knowledge and his vocabulary is still vast though his voice is tiny and he can not always find the right word for everyday things SO frustrating Thanks for reply P

  • My wife's eyes became very light sensitive during her struggle with PSP. Eyes don't blink enough and thus become dry which then causes tears to form. Odd how that works. Keep the eyes moist with a gel type eye drop, not the normal non-gel type. My wife had some double vision from time to time but not constantly. Hugs, Jimbo

  • Tony's eyes also became light-sensitive - always sunglasses outside.


  • Thanks Mo,no medical people have mentioned it to us earlier and I don't want to assume everything is down to PSP.This site is good for sound information.thankyou.

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