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Eyes Closing

My husband has been receiving botox on his eyelids to keep his eyes open for several years. It use to be every three months then it went down to 2months, and every 6 weeks. The last few times he does not seem to be getting much results as he has trouble with opening his eyes about a week or 2 after he receives the botox. My consultant mentioned that there is a operation on the eyelids they can do . I would appreciate anyone knows anything about this and the results. Thank you.

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Sorry not to have anything to offer about the operation, Putland, but I am very interested in the botox, since my sweetheart is supposed to have the injections in one eyelid soon. (His appointment for earlier this summer was put off after a fall.) I would like to know more about your husband's experience, if you cared to discuss it. You say it worked for several years? That seems pretty good to me. I have been told it might not work after 18 months. I know everyone's experience will be different, but were there any adverse effects? It has been reported that some people find it difficult afterward to shut their eyes at all, and so drops are needed at frequent intervals during the day. Was it a painful procedure? I would be grateful for any information. Thanks.

And I hope someone may help you with your question! Best, Ec


Thanks for your reply. Yes my husband has been getting botox in both eyes for at least two years. It has helped. He never had any trouble closing his eyes but he used eye drops when he felt the eyes were dry. The botox did give him great help but we knew he would eventually become immune to it. My husband had trouble from the start with both eyes, I wish you luck and hope it helps.


Thank you for the information. At present it seems almost irrelevant that he can't keep his eyes open, since he has so much trouble focusing and then processing what he sees that he sometimes seems quite blind. He has always had a strong prescription for nearsightedness. The neurologist is keen to do it, and how can I not arrange for the trial? But it is a long drive to the city...


My husband got his first botox from our neurologist, but after that we were referred to a eye specialist who I think has more experience of giving these type of injections. Best of luck perhaps you could mention this to your neurologist maybe you have a eye specialist nearer to home. Good Luck


Thank you for confirming what I believed to be true about Botox temporariness . I have read of an operation on Take a look there. And you can call them for more info. Good luck....This site is good to you might ask the good people of HealthUnlocked as well



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