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Incontinence supplies


Hi all

I've just discovered this local company to me that also deliver in UK.

I've been trying to find better pads for Mum than ones supplied via NHS. Since her seizure she is doing more in pads than loo.

You can get samples via the website and we've discovered a fab pad called tena flex. They are such a great design and can get a size that actually fits Mum well and comfortable. They have a waistband design and then the pad attaches to waistband. This then can be easily detached to allow access to loo without having to take whole thing off if pad is dry. Our PAs have got very excited over them and far easier to put on when in bed, less rolling and tugging etc.

In bulk buys this company are quite reasonably priced I thought so wanted to share with everyone.

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Ooh, thx you for sharing darling x

Jdjdjd in reply to Satt2015

Hi sorry to come in at this odd spot in the conversation but I am not able to "submit reply" for some reason, I live in West Sussex, and our gp referred us to the continence nurse, we used a convene system for about 3/4 years, but it suddenly got where it was leaking onto my husbands clothes and bedding, when the nurse came to check, it seems that as they get older men retract, and then this system is no good, so we went for the pads, which are supplied direct from Tena, and come in different sizes and absorbency they are from waist to waist like a nappy, and so far had no problems they are paid for by the NHS, which previously I was buying myself, so a huge saving to us

Good luck with this, the nurses are great and very efficient


Spiralsparkle in reply to Jdjdjd

I think it does depend on what area of country you are in. Locally they won't supply tena and only supply a limited size supply too and as Mum is petite they always leak.

Jdjdjd in reply to Spiralsparkle

What a shame, its that postcode lottery again!!!

Satt2015 in reply to Jdjdjd

Good post Janet! Where abouts in West Sussex are you? X

Jdjdjd in reply to Satt2015

East Grinstead about 9 miles from Gatwick airport x

Satt2015 in reply to Jdjdjd

Wow, I know EG, I'm going to horsham today! X

Jdjdjd in reply to Satt2015

How funny, where do you live, do you go to a support group meeting? We went to one in Worthing last month for the first time, and Ian enjoyed it, so was worth the trek x

Satt2015 in reply to Jdjdjd

We are in Surrey but I have family in Horsham

I used to live in littlehampton

Our support group is Wimbledon, been once

I'm pleased you found the group helpful x

I hope I can find these in US. Right now, we've been very pleased and grateful we found Tena overnight pull-ups used with their overnight pads. Pull-ups fit much better and using both has cut down on "accidents".

If anybody in US finds these, please let us know.

Thanks so much,

Gracie girl

marph in reply to Gracie_Girl

I live in Florida and use North Shore for all A's supplies. They have many different briefs plus chux, gloves and almost anything you may need. I think shipping may be high but it is worth it to me. If you call them they are very eager to help and will send samples. It is Good luck with it.


Gracie_Girl in reply to marph

Thanks, Marph!!!

Hi spiralsparkle. My hubby wears tena pants with another pad inside. He wears a convene but can have an accident the other side as well. Do these pads go from Waist to waist and are they absorbent. Might consider these. Marie

They do different levels of absorbency and waist sizes we've had no leaks at all day or night so far since using.

The waist band goes completely around the waist and fastens at front or side, depending on size of person. The pad is attached to the waist band at the back already and then slips through legs and attaches at front to waist band. It means the waist and pad can be readjusted easily and allows easy access and to put in and off if mobile or not. The woman in shop said ideal for bed ridden people and our carers think they are fab and all pads should be like it as less manual handling.

Maybe get some samples to try first, that is what we did.

Thanks for that. I may get in touch for some samples. Much better than buying blind only to find they're unsuitable. Marie

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