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New PSPA Information Sheet


Are you aware that anyone can leave a lasting impact on PSP and CBD research through brain donation – healthy brains are needed too! Read our new Brain Donation for Research information sheet to find our more. (information relevant to UK only)

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Mine has had it's own neurological disorder for most of its life and well the poor choices haven't been easy on my brain either! But it would be good if families siblings and children of PsP and CBD could donate their brain....wouldn't it be wonderful to see any anomalies within a family....

VronB in reply to abirke

John and I have signed the forms and sent them off to donate our brains. Xx

abirke in reply to VronB

Good for you!

Des and I both wanted to be donors and so in July Des became a donor.You are given instructions for when you feel the passing is near and for us it worked.The undertaker was told what to do by UCL I was not in any state to do that so don't hesitate if you are thinking of it.Also the body in the chapel of rest looked undamaged may be just a little satisfied smile!px

M fought the pathway drugs for over a week over New Year so her brain could be donated as besides the 4 hrs to refrigerate the body after death there is a 4 day after death time to retrieve the brain. She waited so that the surgeries and undertakers were all working normally and died 5 min before surgery opening. The UCL brain bank were brilliant and with the help of undertakers doctors were able to take the donation.

I have completed the brain and organ donation forms for me as have my sons and mother-in-law.

It was what M wanted.

abirke in reply to Amilazy

Well thank you Margaret and Tim's family for doing such a noble thing as this type of donation. I have not asked my kids but I'm gonna!

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