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PSP Information Cards

Hi everyone

As we all know on this site, it is extremely difficult to explain to people what PSP actually is. I find that carrying a supply of the printed information cards available from the PSP On-Line shop helps. I hand these out to anyone who asks about the illness (even those who don't sometimes!) so that we can spread the word about this very cruel and debilitating illness. I am of the opinion that the more people who know about the illness the more likely we are to generate enough interest into getting more research done to find treatment and ultimately a cure.

For anyone who is not aware already, these cards are free from the PSP On-Line Shop.


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Yes Suzie

i agree i had 10 but need to hand them out to anyone and eveyrone

good on you!!!

l ove jill


I've got some in my bag too!...which is at home haha.

I think I'll need a couple for every single bag!

Definitely a good idea to carry them around though.

My brother keeps one in his wallet as he's not very good at talking about it bless him



If you ask the PSPA Shop they will send you a supply so that you can always have some wherever you are.

SuzieQ xx


I didn't know about these cards - will definitely get hold of some now. Thanks so much for the tip.


Thank you for the feedback on the PSPA Information Cards. They are free of charge and can be ordered from


For those of you in U.S. you can get the cards at " ". I am never without them. I find even the personnel in the emergency room have never heard of PSP. Emergency tech drivers etc. are so thankful to get them. I have even copied them onto medication list with all other emergency info such as emergency contacts, past medical history and past surgical history. It helps me greatly when under pressure at times of need.


Thanks for that information about the cards , didn't know about them will order them now xx


Thank you for all your orders of the fact cards - we've been so inundated with requests that they are now out of stock and have had to order more!

Please dont let this stop your requests though, as it is fantastic that so many people are helping to spread the message and raise awareness of PSP;

but just be aware that it may be a few weeks before you recieve your cards.

Any questions please email or call us on 01327 322410.



like lots of you I keep a supply of cards and am forever handing them out, I sometimes feel like changing the record.

Last Christmas I put an information card in each Christmas Card I sent, I got a lot of feed back and try to remember to send them in birthday cards as well. Will send them again in Christmas Cards this year!!!!!!

Jenni XX


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